Tarot: Overview for 2017



Greetings all! As many of you know I have been very busy with setting up and establishing my Holistic Healing business so I have not been posting Tarot as I used to. I have decided however to do a few postings for the year on the major turning points as we all feel this will be a very historic and important year in many respects.

I have started the reading with drawing one card for each month, then adding two more cards for more clarification.



In January we first see the Nine of Wands. The Nine of Wands is the exhausted warrior who continues the battle though he is weary. This is a card about feeling wary, being on guard, defending yourself and protecting others. It is also about recalling past attacks, being knocked down and getting back up again.

With the Nine of Wands we have the Four of Cups. This card has many nuances of meaning. In some respects it means looking within and self reflection and in some it is about apathy. It can also signal being self-absorbed and only seeing your own point of view.

The last card we have for January is the Page of Cups. When Pages show up in a spread they give advice on how to BE. This page is about being kind, loving and trying to maintain an open heart. This of course is a challenge given current political situation which is quite aptly described by the previous two cards. On a personal level, we must strive to maintain this open heart and be loving and act with loving kindness towards each other.



In February we first have the Sun. This card is about moving forward with confidence. It’s about realizing truth and experiencing expansiveness and greatness.

With the Sun we have the Four of Swords. This is an opposing card to the Sun. The Four of Swords is about exhaustion, and the need to take a break in order to heal. It is also a card about accepting what is and preparing for the future. When the sun burns to brightly, this is exactly what we need to do in order to deal with what is coming.

The last card for February is the Knight of Wands. This knight is bold and courageous, but he is also foolhardy and hot tempered, and cocky. He is daring but he can also be brash. He angers easily, and he makes rash decisions. When court cards appear they can represent people, but they can also represent concepts or offer advice. The advice of Knights is in how to behave and what kind of action to take. With the Knight of Wands, if you tend to be a hot head, now is the time to show restraint and keep your cool.



The first card we have in March is the Wheel. This is a big Karma card. Here we come to the end of a cycle in order to start again. This is a turning point, and what goes around comes around!

The next card is the Tower, which indicates complete and sudden change, the crumbling of the foundation. Truths are revealed and can no longer be ignored. What was hidden now becomes exposed. This is sudden change that can create upheaval and chaos. Is this upheaval due to the behavior of the Knight of Wands? More than likely.


The last card for March is the Knight of Cups. Again Knights give an indication of action. This may be a time of high emotion but now is not the time to wallow. It’s time to be firmly grounded in order to deal with the tumultuousness of the Wheel and the Tower together.




In April we begin with the Nine of Cups. The Nine of Cups is the “Wish” card. Desires are fulfilled and there is satisfaction.

With the downfall of the Tower in March and possibly the resultant downfall of the Knight of Wands with it, we see now the rise of a strong, and charismatic King of Wands. This King is a bold leader who is creative and inspires others. Kings in a reading tell you to ACT a certain way as well. Now is the time to take bold and courageous action.

The Ten of Wands indicates that there is much heavy and tiring work to be done.




May begins with the Eight of Wands. This card is an indicator of fast action and communication. When this card shows up it means “it’s time to make your move”. Perhaps this is an indicator to the King of Wands that he needs to make his move at the beginning of May.

The Seven of Cups often is about confusion. It can also indicate wishful thinking. It’s time now to stop dreaming and take serious consideration of the options available.

The Six of Swords is a card about making the move towards something better. It’s about picking up what’s left in the wake of chaos and trying to make something out of it. This card often comes up in regard to recovery from trauma. It’s about getting your life back, coping, and moving ahead, (especially after the downfall of the tower)! In order to do this, we must stop with the pipe dreams of the Seven of Cups, face the reality of the situation and make some decisions.




In June we have the Seven of Wands. This card is about taking a stance of self-defense. Now is the time to show conviction and stand up for what you believe in.

The Two of Coins indicates that this is going to be a balancing act. It’s going to be important to be flexible to trying new approaches.

The Knight of Coins is a Knight about stability. He is cautious and hard working, but he also has a tendency to be inflexible and stubborn, which is not what is needed when trying to do the juggling act of the Two of Coins.



July begins with the Moon. We are still feeling the effects of the chaos of the Tower and the Changing of the Wheel. Things still feel shadowy, uncertain and disorienting. Sometimes it also means that things are happening behinds the scenes in the shadows that we don’t know about.  The Two of Cups is about a partnership, and the Three of Swords is about betrayal. There are certainly shady things going on.



In August we see the Judgement card. The time of the reckoning is at hand. Decisions must be made and a whole new fresh start is at hand. The Nine of Swords indicates that there are regrets and remorse along with a good deal of worry. The Two of Swords indicates that it is now time to remove the blind fold in order to see the truth so that those big decisions can be made with honest clarity.




We see the continuation of the feeling of Loss and Regret in the Five of Cups. The Fool indicates that this is a time now to set aside those regrets and start new and fresh, just as is echoed in the Judgement card earlier. This is the beginning of a new cycle.

The Four of Wands about celebration and getting out from under an oppressive situation. It’s about freedom, self-determination and jubilation!




In October we can see the new adventure ahead of us in the Three of Wands. It’s time to take bold new and exciting steps. This is reinforced by the Page of Wands who is about new projects, and taking courageous risks. It’s time to move in a new direction with confidence! The Nine of Coins is about having learned discipline, self control and restraint to achieve a goal.




In November we have the Queen of Cups. Queens indicate feelings of a suit. This Queen is in touch with emotions. Now is the time to be sensitive and compassionate to others. This has been a long haul, and it’s time to dispense with anger and hatred.

The Eight of Cups indicates it is now time to let go and move on.

The King of Swords tells you to act in a just and ethical manner. He is a leader who works against corruption and dishonesty.




In December we have cards that all point to new beginnings. The Page of Coins is about planting new seeds and the three of coins is about watching those seeds grow and multiply! The Six of Coins reminds us to be mindful of the balance of power. Just for good measure, I pulled one last card and it is very good indeed. The Ace of Coins. Prosperity, trust, abundance, stability and growth!



New Year Tarot Reading for 2016

New Year Reading for 2016


Greetings everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Here is a reading for 2016. I have split the year in half with a card for each month, then will throw more cards for clarification as needed.

We begin the year most appropriately, with the Ace of Swords in January. Aces signify new beginnings. This January is a new beginning embodying the energies of the Swords. This card is about facing truth. It’s the sword of justice and clear thinking. The time is now to champion a cause and speak your truth. This is about facing a challenge with courage, truth and fortitude.

In February we see the Five of Swords. This is the warrior in battle and he’s won, but at what cost? The Five of Swords is about looking out for number one. This is fine as long as we don’t take this too far. There is a very fine balance when we look out for our own interests, and not impeding on the rights of others. If this is war, if this is battle, how do you fight the “good” fight? Will you fight honorably or will you resort to fighting dirty? Throwing another card for clarification we have the Ten of Wands. The work is hard, the load is heavy. This battle is definately uphill and it will take it’s toll.



In March we have the Two of Swords which indicates that we are feeling trapped between a rock and a hard place. A choice must be made whether we like it or not. We must remove the blindfold and make that choice. Ignoring the issue will not make it go away. Over this I have thrown the page of Wands. Pages tell us to embody the suit. BE courageous, BE active, BE a leader.


In April we have the Lovers. The Lovers is about making choices. Where we have the two of Swords, and are avoiding a decision in March, we find we make that choice in April. This is not a simple black and white issue, there is much involved in this choice that defines who we are and what we stand for and what we will become. Once these choices have been made, the path is set and the adventure begins. This is what we see in the Two of Wands which I have thrown over the lovers. The Two of Wands is about personal power and how it is wielded to proceed upon the chosen path. This is the time to be BOLD take action, and take risks. There is no more sitting on the fence.


In May we have the Justice Card. Justice is blind, the saying goes, and that is represented in the eyes being covered in this illustration. Unlike the blindfold in the Two of Swords which is about the refusal to make a choice, Justice makes a decision giving weight to all things considered. It is about choosing right action after considering all sides. Issues of ethics comes into play, and throwing the Nine of Cups over Justice indicates that though we may get what we want we need to be cautious regarding becoming too self satisfied. We need to think very seriously about how we may be indulging ourselves at other’s expense. This theme seems to extend from what we saw in February with regard to the Five of Swords and the Ten of Wands. We need to ask ourselves “Who is paying the price?”


In June we have the Empress. There is bounty for all, there is enough for all. Throwing the Knight of Wands over top is a caution not to act in haste, and not to be careless with the resources that we have. The Knight of Coins in July reinforces the need to be practical and grounded.


In August we have the Queen of Wands. She is a formidable woman, a charismatic leader who knows what she wants and will do what she needs to do to get it. Throwing the Ten of Swords over this Queen, we see that she has finally come to the end of a difficult and almost intolerable situation, but it is not without sacrifice that she has arrived at this point. This card may also indicate martyrdom. Throwing another card for more clarification we have the Knight of Swords. It’s time to cut to the chase. Clear thinking and swift action is what is required now.



In September we have the Ten of Coins. This card is often about legacy and the building and continuing of legacy. It also stands for a conservative and established tradition. Throwing the Eight of Cups over the Ten of Coins we see that we need to leave the old way of thinking behind.


In October we have the Three of Cups, this often symbolizes a celebration of friendship and community. One that makes you want to dance and sing! This is about discovering a common goal and supporting each other in the achievement of that goal. It can also often symbolize a celebration of women or female family members. Throwing another card over top we have the Three of Coins which is about hard work, and often about team work. Once the celebrating is over the real work begins and it’s all about working hard as a team! Both cards are the number three, which is about growth, prosperity and the birth of something new!


In November we have the Sun! In a simple word, SUCCESS. The goal has been achieved, it is the dawning of a new day!

Appropriately, in December we have the Fool. The ending of a cycle and the beginning of a whole new journey!


Lots of hard work to be done this year will end in the triumphant new beginnings!


There is “a New Hope!” (Sorry! The Geek in me couldn’t resist! LOL!)


If anyone would like to receive a Tarot reading for the New Year, I am offering ½ off all readings for the New Year. Please feel free to contact me at mirianorthwind@dragonflymoontarot.com for more information or to book a consultation.


Blessings to all in the New Year!

Daily Tarot for December 18, 2013

Greetings everyone!

Today our reading is about new beginnings!


We start with the Eight of Vessels keyword Rebirth. Traditionally, this card is about leaving the old behind, realizing that it’s time to let go and moving on. When we do this we take what we have learned and see the opportunity to start fresh and new! This card is about having faced trials and endured and finding the meaning in those experiences so that you were wiser than before.


The next card is the Three of Bows keyword Fulfillment. This card is about taking the first steps towards a new quest. The archer always has his eye on his goal. One must maintain a balance of energy and a groundedness in order to focus to this degree. This is represented in the red and white dragons on the front of the archer’s tunic. Traditionally, this card is about being a visionary, tacking new projects and showing leadership.


The last card is the Page of Stones, represented by a Lynx. This card is about having common sense, dedication and learning new skills. The Lynx is about being watchful, having keen eyes awareness and trusting your intuition. Watch for opportunity and when you see it, jump on it!  Pages also symbolize new projects, and new beginnings, and traditionally this one is about growth in an area that will bring stability and maybe a new source of income!

All in all, this is a very positive reading one that has us looking forward to fresh starts in the  new year with new endeavors that bring prosperity! Good stuff!


Blessings all!




Weekend Spread for November 1, 2013

So we begin a whole new cycle! Our first weekend of the Pagan New Year!

Again, some very interesting cards have shown up.

The Queen of Swords


The Moon


And now we have the Death card for the second day in a row.



When a Queen shows up in a reading, she is telling you to think and feel the way she thinks and feels. Combining this with the Air element of swords she is asking you if you are being honest and truthful. The Queen of swords has graduated from the school of hard knocks. You can’t often pull one over her, she knows the score, but she also has learned that you need to have a sense of humour about it all too.

The Moon is a card about mystery. Feeling confused or in the dark, the realm of the Moon is an enchanting world of shadow that may cause fear or anxiety but it doesn’t have to be so. It’s the world of the unconscious.

The Death card as we talked about yesterday is a card about transition and change. The Death card symbolizes leaving one way of being to transition into something new.

Looking at these three cards together, it’s an interesting combination. It’s about moving into this new phase of life, being scared about it, but if you keep your wits about you all will be well.  The Queen of Swords brings light into an otherwise rather dark, shadowy and somewhat fearful situation.

Just to add some clarity to the situation I am throwing down another card, and this time coming up with the Hanged Man.


We had this combination yesterday as well. Some sacrifices may need to be made in order to complete this time of transition.

Now throwing the Four of Cups as well, which indicates to me that ultimately what seems to be dark and difficult will be a gift or blessing in disguise.


Well, could be an interesting weekend. Through it all though, the Queen of Swords says to keep your sense of humour about it all!




Daily Reading October 31, 2013

Happy Samhain everyone! I have drawn some very appropriate cards for the day!

The Hanged Man




Queen of Rods


The Hanged Man is the Fool of the mid cycle. At this point in his journey, the Fool feels like he needs to start again with something new… The Fool has reached a Mid Life Crisis. In order to begin something new and move on to a new cycle of life learning it often means having to give something up. The Hanged Man asks you to examine your life, what needs to be sacrificed to move forward?

It’s intriguing that the Death Card would show up on Samhain! Spend some time today thinking about your loved ones who have gone on before you. Put out some nice photos and some flowers, sift through some memories, maybe play their favorite music.

The Death Card is about transition, so right beside this Hanged Man, we can recognize that we need to move on, and leave something behind to become something new and better.  What sacrifices do we need to make to move through this transition?

The Queen of Wands is a symbol of self sovereignty. This is always a wonderful goal, to be the ruler of your own life, and your own destiny. To be the most authentic self you can be.

Samhain is considered to be the New Year‘s Eve for many of the Pagan traditions.  Today is the Death of the old year, who do we want to become in the new cycle? Ask yourself today what sacrifices you need to make to make this transition. Some of these sacrifices may be small such as giving up fatty foods, or sugar so that we become masters of our own health. For some of us the sacrifices may be much more. Are there relationships that are holding you back? Are you stuck in a job that is just not fulfilling your creative needs? With these cards on THIS day, it’s a sign we need to consider these issues very seriously.

(On a personal note, again, I can see exactly what this reading means for me. Tomorrow is the first day of Nanowrimo… national novel writing month.  My daughter is participating on the student level. In order to support her while at the same time achieving one of my own personal dreams, I will take the journey with her. What sacrifices will I be making over the month to make the transition to becoming a novelist who bangs out a 50,000 word novel in a month? (See Rusty? She’s holding a Pen! LOL!) Let’s see, time, sleep, favorite television programs in the evening, clean laundry… the list goes on I’m sure! Just as an interesting note, the Hanged Man is thought to have originated from the Norse God Odin who’s greatest gift to mankind is writing.  He did this by the self sacrifice of hanging himself from a tree for nine days at the end of which he had a revelation in which he discovered the secret of the runes.)

Blessings all.