Sample Tarot Reading

Greeting all!

Here is a sample of one of my readings. This was a quick three card reading done in a volunteer capacity for the American Tarot Association. It answers a question in the form of Past, Present and Future.

Question: My Nephew is currently having legal issues. How’s it going to work out for him?

Greetings ****, I hear that you are very concerned for your nephew. Unfortunately, I can’t do a reading for him without him being “present”. What I can do though is a reading for you that may give you an idea of how you can be supportive to him in his time of trouble.

I drew three cards:



Past: Three of cups

The three of cups in this deck is the wedding of Psyche and Eros. In their story, Psyche has never actually seen  Eros and you can see that he is slightly behind her where she cannot look at him. (He doesn’t want her to know that he’s a God). The three is usually a card about family celebrations. This card in this position tells me that you have had pretty close family relationships, and you love and trust your nephew but there may be things about him that you didn’t know or that maybe he was keeping a side of himself hidden from you.  ( Perhaps even hiding the very situation that caused these legal problems?)



Present: Queen of Cups

This Queen is Helen of Troy. She is a strong woman very much in touch with her emotions and she wears her heart on her sleeve. This is represented by her boldly holding her chalice right in front of her for everyone to see. I believe this represents you and your strong love and genuine concern for your nephew and his well-being.


Future: The Fool

The Fool here is represented by the God Dionysus emerging from a cave and boldly stepping off of a cliff. The emergence from the cave signifies the beginning of a new cycle, and sometimes this card is about foolish behavior, (dancing on the edge of the cliff). In either case, I get the feeling that this represents your Nephew and his life journey. Whatever path he chooses to take, he is the only one who can walk it. This experience he is having now is something he must go through in order to gain life lessons and wisdom. I feel your job at this time is to be like the hawk who is up on the tree branch. Wait and watch from a distance, but be ready with assistance should he ask for it.

I do hope this reading has helped to clarify the situation for you. Feel free to contact me for further assistance if need be!


Miria Northwind



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