Weekend Spread for May 27, 2016

Weekend Spread for May 27, 2016

May 272016


Greetings everyone! Today we have an interesting reading for someone who has been having a pretty rough go of it, but I want to reassure you that the end of a bad cycle is coming!

In the top row we have the Ten of Swords, the Ten of Wands and the King of Swords. Tens do indicate the end of a cycle and these two together sure give the old message “When the going gets tough the tough get going!” It’s been a long hard road hasn’t it? The King of Swords here has a double meaning representing both you and the person causing your grief. Someone may not have been treating you so well, but you should “Stand in your Truth”, AND act with integrity.

In the center row we see the Four of Coins and the Wheel of Life. This person  has been acting out of self-interest and may not have been sharing the pie, but what goes around comes around! The Temperance card at the bottom is advising you that when that big wheel does turn to your advantage, to use temperance.


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Blessings all!


Weekend Spread for May 20, 2016

Greetings All!

I have been away for so long! I’ve been very busy with company, kids, finishing up my Herbalist Course and working on getting my healing ministry of the ground! (I’ve been working on my website, as well, to check it out go to www.artsofavalonholistichealing.com ) I am so glad today to find a few minutes to return to the Tarot work that I so love!





Today we have a reading for someone experiencing power and control issues. In the top row we have the King of Swords, The Five of Swords and the Six of Coins. You must understand that taking that “win / lose” attitude with the people you love and care about is only going to cost you in the end. Is this really what you want for your relationships? To be considered, “Lord and Master” over all? What you really crave is not power, but love and you don’t get that by controlling people. That only pushes them away, which is what we see in the rest of the reading.

In the middle row we see the Knight of Cups and the Ten of Coins, and at the bottom we have the Six of Swords. The Knight of Cups indicates the emotional nature of this situation and also represents that person you are playing one upsmanship with. They aren’t going to take it forever. The Ten of Coins is about family, legacy, and building that lasting stability.

On the bottom we have the Six of Swords which is about movement from one place to another, sometimes metaphorically and sometimes actual physical movement, usually away from an intolerable situation in hopes of finding something better on the opposite shore. This says to me that your power games will not be tolerated forever, and this Knight is considering gathering up their resources and packing it in. Is this what you really want? Think about it.

Weekend Spread April 1, 2016


Weekend Spread April 1 2016

Greetings everyone! It feels like it’s been a long time since posting. Life is always so busy! Well, it feels good to be back!

Today we have a reading for someone who just feels trapped in the wheel going round and round!

On the top row we have the Four of Wands, the Knight of Wands, The Eight of Swords and the Wheel. The Four of Wands is often about trying to break free from an oppressive situation, seeking freedom and cutting loose. As you can see from this card in the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, that things my look good from the outside but underneath things are maybe not so fine and dandy. See how the top is green and lush but under the ground it is dark and scary. The Knight of Wands represents fast movement either metaphorically or physically. There is a real feeling of needing to move away and get out. The Eight of Swords is about the feeling of entrapment. The thing is with this card is that with the blindfold, you might feel like you have no options, but really you do. Often entrapment is in your own mind and you need to remove the blindfold in order to think more clearly. The Wheel is about the ups and downs of life. This is a karmic situation and nothing ever remains static. Things are in the process of changing.

In the middle row we have the Queen of Pentacles, The King of Swords and the Nine of Cups. This couple seem to have it all in this Nine of Cups. With the Nine of Cups there is bounty but a feeling of not having anyone to share it with.

In the next row we have the Emperor and the Eight of Wands. The Emperor represents the establishment. Perhaps it is time for some mediation. The Eight of Wands is about communication and things happening quickly. Messages being sent and received.

On the bottom we have the Five of Swords. This is about discord with an “us vs them” mentality, power plays and acting in self-interest.  There is victory here, but at what cost? Think hard before taking action.


Blessings all,



Weekend Spread for February 26, 2016




Good morning all! I hope this post finds everyone well! Today we have an interesting reading as some of the same cards came up that we saw last week, which lets me know we are dealing with the same issue but maybe now from a different perspective or simply with additional information.


In the top row we have The Ace of Wands, The World and The Devil. You know what you want. You have the drive, and you have the creativity to achieve your goals now you need to work on overcoming the fear that is holding you back.

In the second row, we again see the Three of Coins and the Seven of Coins that showed up last week. Keep that nose to the grindstone! In some decks, the Three of Coins shows three men making a deal. Sometimes that three doesn’t only mean work hard, sometimes it means it takes teamwork to get the job done. Ask yourself who you can partner up with that would be a mutually beneficial partnership. The Seven of Coins tells you to look back at everything you have managed to accomplish so far and take it all in. Stand proud. You’ve done a good job!

The Six of Cups is letting you know that someday, even though it seems to be a lot of work and tough going, when all of this is over you will look at this time in your life with fond memories and realize it was all worth it.


Blessings all!



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Weekend Spread for February 19, 2016

Good Friday everyone! I hope you are all well!




Today we have a message going out to someone who has been working their butt off to make changes happen. Not to worry! Those changes you wish to see will come to pass!


In the top row we see The Three of Coins, Death, and the Six of Wands. You’ve been working so hard to make things happen. In the Death Card we have to remember that often transitions cannot be rushed, they are made in their own time with the natural cycle and order of things. In the Six of Wands we see that your hard work does eventually pay off!

In the middle row we have the Seven of Coins and the Seven of Wands. Of course with two sevens appearing in the same row, we need to consider the symbolism of number. Seven has long been considered a spiritual number connected with the gods, often it is seen as a symbol of feminine creativity. After having finally accomplished what you set out to do in the Three, and been successful in making this transition you need to look back at all the hard work, celebrate a job well done but at the same time begin planning for the future. Where is this success going to take you now? Perhaps it is time now to share your knowledge with others. This is what I feel is happening in the Seven of Wands. I have stated before that most of the time the Seven of Wands represents a need to defend your position, and it can also represent instruction, or teaching others. There may be a little bit of both going on here. You have worked so hard to be where you are, you may feel the need to fight to stay there.

In the King of Wands we see that with this experience you become the great wise, charismatic leader that you are meant to be. Take what you have learned and use it to lead others.





Weekend Spread for February 5, 2016





Greetings everyone! I hope you are all well! Today we have a reading for someone who seems to be “sitting on the fence”.  You may be feeling caught between two people or not certain on how to proceed in a situation. The 8 of Coins indicates that you think you may want to handle the situation on your own, but the King of Cups indicates that you also feel that maybe you need some advice from someone wiser than yourself.

The Two of Coins demonstrates how you are trying to do this balancing act between the two ways to go. The Five of Wands is about miscommunications, disagreements, and generally quibbling over details. The situation really seems to be a mess that needs sorting out. The Emperor at the bottom is an indication that it probably really is time to get some arbitration on the matter from someone who isn’t so closely involved.


Good luck!


Weekend Spread for January 29, 2016



Greetings everyone! Sorry the readings have become so sporadic! I have been very busy with my family and with my studies. I am currently enrolled in a Master Herbalist program. While I have been enjoying the learning, it has been a great deal of work!

This weekend is about seizing new opportunities and planting new seeds! The Page of Coins tells you to BE grounded, BE trustworthy, BE practical. If you embody these things will draw what you need towards you. Have faith, be dependable, and stick to your word.

The Seven of wands here is interesting. Often this card means “holding your ground”. It’s about taking a defensive position. Sometimes, however it is about being the expert who is the instructor. This is the feeling I get from this card in this spread. You are shining the light for others, you are showing the way.

The Ten of Cups is about completion of a cycle to it’s fullest potential. It is about hearth and home, security, legacy and prosperity. It is about the joy of family and being content. This is a time to count your blessings.

Beside the blessings and joys of home and hearth, we have the Lovers. I very much feel this weekend is all about staying home, snuggling in and enjoying your spouse and family. Going back again to examine that Seven of Wands and it’s other meaning, along with the Lovers, which usually indicates that a choice must be made, I’d say you really WANT to just stay home, maybe you feel you need to justify your need to relax? Just make the choice to DO it.

The Ace of Coins echo’s this in that it is about being grounded, having prosperity, stability and a firm foundation.

Enjoy your time with loved ones, close to hearth and home.