While Miria did my reading I felt her complete focus in what was before her.  The insights she offered, the questions she asked, and the gentle way the messages were delivered were all parts of Miria’s special gift.  I walked away with several new perspectives and an optimism for my ability to control my destiny.  Miria is, truly, a Goddess of the Cards.

Susan the Black

This beautiful blue-eyed blonde is a very gifted Tarot card reader with a direct line to the stars!   I have enjoyed several (all quite accurate) readings with her and plan for more in the future.

(Name withheld for privacy)

I still vividly remember my first reading with Miria.  It was a hard reading at a tough time in my life.  One of those readings you never want to hear, but there it was.  It went on a long time, way past what I’d scheduled, as Miria continued to work to gain whatever clarity there was to be had.  But she never pulled any punches or attempted to soften the message.  And what I remember most was her warmth.  She was there with me, supporting and guiding me, never letting me feel alone on the journey.  It was one of those life-changing experiences, where you don’t look at the world the same way after you’ve been through it.

In addition, Miria has a true gift with the cards.  I’m not horribly experienced with other tarot card readers, perhaps 4 others.  But there came a time in each of those readings where I thought the reader was forcing the meaning.  Trying to please me or whatever.  Miria is never like that.  She shares whatever insights she has, and lets those speak for themselves.

I recommend Miria without reservation.

Rusty Rhoad


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