Weekend Spread for July 15, 2016

Greetings everyone,

Due to the horrific events of last week, I honestly was feeling up to doing a reading or posting. Today I am back with a reading that is certainly a reflection of some of those events.



In the first row we see the Star, the Eight of Wands and Death. The Star is about hopes and dreams, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel and faith that all will be well. This is a good card to show up for us at this time. It is one thing to have hope but hope must be acted upon in order for real change to occur. This is what I see in the Eight of Wands and Death. Eight of Wands is a card of swift action and communication. Open communication is key to bringing a swift conclusion which we see when the Eight of Wands and the Death card occur together. This is a time of transition and change, the cycle must come to an end so that we can bring birth to new beginnings. The Star is telling us that now is the time to open our hearts and to give generously.

In the middle we have the King of Swords and the Five of Coins. The King of Swords is a wise, ethical and moral leader. He wields a sword of Justice. He acts swiftly, decisively, and with honor and integrity. He holds those around him to the highest honor and speaks the truth. Now is the time to BE honorable BE truthful, and BE ethical in actions and decisions. He works against corruption and dishonesty.

The Five of Coins represents hard times, material and possibly spiritual setbacks. Needs are not being met, there is a feeling of insecurity and struggle and now is the time to take action to examine the problem to find solutions. This is the role of the King of Swords, he does not shirk away from examining problems to find solutions. He is a man of calculated, swift action.

The Six of Coins is at the bottom. This is a shadowy card, on the surface it looks like it might be about charity, having enough to share and be charitable, but it’s also about balance, and even more so, it’s about power and who holds power. This card indicates inequity between haves and have nots. In the middle row we see the “have nots” knocking at the door, the Six of Coins reflects a generous spirit, wanting to share, but there is still the matter of who holds the wealth?

These are definitely issues that as the King of Swords indicates, need to be confronted with complete clarity and honesty.


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Weekend Spread for July 1, 2016

Greetings all! Hope you had a good week!

July 1, 2016

We have a reading today for someone who has come to the end of a cycle and taking time to look back at where they have been and what their options are. This is exactly what we see in the top row with the World, the Nine of Coins, and the Seven of Cups.

In the center row we have two fours. The four of Coins and the Four of Cups. This person is looking for some stability. The Four of Coins is an indication that perhaps now you need to look out for your own self-interest but the Four of Cups indicates a feeling of ambivalence. Perhaps too, there is someone else in the situation who is behaving selfishly and you are wondering what to do about that, and how you should deal with it.

The Knight of Coins on the bottom says to you that now is the time to act in a responsible, steadfast manner. Take time to really think over your options and examine them closely. You may even decide that your best option is to stay right where you are for now.

Good luck!


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Weekend Spread for June 17, 2016


June 172016reading

Greetings everyone! I hope you had a great week!

With this reading we see many seeds have been sown and the sun is shining down on them! It’s been hard work, though, make no mistake! In that top row we see the Sun, success and good fortune right next to that Ace of Coins which represents the building of something new and watching it grow. You can see how tired all of this work has made you though in that Nine of Wands.

The Four of Wands in the middle row shows that it’s time for a celebration! Especially when we see this right next to the Nine of Cups! That Tower at the bottom is warning you that you better not celebrate too hard! Keep the drinking to a minimum.

Taking the broader perspective, things are going to change quickly now. One event can shake things up and put you on a different path completely.  Throwing one more card down just for some clarification we again see that Nine of Coins. You will reach your goal and success is there. There is that one major shakeup on the way that might look bad at first but will result in good things. Often that is the way of sudden change. When this major event happens, try not to see it as a catastrophe, try to think of it as clearing the old way to make room for the new.

We have three nines in this reading which indicate to me that an important cycle is almost complete. You may be tired, as the warrior in that top row, you just need to take a few more steps. The Tower is all about tearing down the old so that you can build something new and you’ve been working really hard on setting down that firm foundation (Ace of Coins).


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Weekend Spread for June 10, 2016


Greetings all! Our reading today is about hopes and dreams and achieving goals. In the first row we have the Star, The Ace of Swords and the Knight of Cups. The Star indicates that there is hope and there is a dream. The Ace of Swords indicates that in order to achieve this dream you must have drive and purpose and clear thinking. You may also need to educate yourself on how to achieve this dream meaning you may need to do some research or take some classes. Next we have the Knight of Cups. You may find that your emotions are running a little high when it comes to this grand purpose that you have in mind. If that is so, try to keep those under control because what you really need now is clarity.


In the middle row we have the Two of Wands and the Ace of Coins. This reading is definitely about starting new projects and getting them under way. In the Two of Wands we see the first steps being taken on this new adventure. In the Ace of Coins we see that seeds are planted and there is a foundation being laid.

The Nine of Coins indicates the eventual success of the venture. This woman is strong, independent, and wealthy! She has worked hard and is now enjoying the fruits of her labors.


Good things! 🙂

Weekend Spread for June 3, 2016


June 3 2016 reading

Good morning all!

A reading to day for new beginnings! Perfect for graduation day!

In the top row we have the Fool, The Devil, and the Nine of Coins. The Fool is all about starting a new journey. It is the beginning of a new cycle. The Devil indicates that perhaps there is some fear attached to this, and that is perfectly natural. The Nine of Coins says however, “Enjoy! You’ve earned this!”

In the center row we see the Knight of Swords and the Seven of Cups. You have many choices now available to you and you feel a little overwhelmed by them all. It’s going to take some clear thinking to cut through that confusion and make a choice that is right for you. The Two of Coins is about balance. Keeping balance and keeping focused so you can walk that tightrope.

One last card, just for luck! It’s the Three of Coins… now it’s time to “Get to work!”


Blessings on this new path!

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Weekend Spread for May 27, 2016

Weekend Spread for May 27, 2016

May 272016


Greetings everyone! Today we have an interesting reading for someone who has been having a pretty rough go of it, but I want to reassure you that the end of a bad cycle is coming!

In the top row we have the Ten of Swords, the Ten of Wands and the King of Swords. Tens do indicate the end of a cycle and these two together sure give the old message “When the going gets tough the tough get going!” It’s been a long hard road hasn’t it? The King of Swords here has a double meaning representing both you and the person causing your grief. Someone may not have been treating you so well, but you should “Stand in your Truth”, AND act with integrity.

In the center row we see the Four of Coins and the Wheel of Life. This person  has been acting out of self-interest and may not have been sharing the pie, but what goes around comes around! The Temperance card at the bottom is advising you that when that big wheel does turn to your advantage, to use temperance.


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Blessings all!

Weekend Spread April 1, 2016


Weekend Spread April 1 2016

Greetings everyone! It feels like it’s been a long time since posting. Life is always so busy! Well, it feels good to be back!

Today we have a reading for someone who just feels trapped in the wheel going round and round!

On the top row we have the Four of Wands, the Knight of Wands, The Eight of Swords and the Wheel. The Four of Wands is often about trying to break free from an oppressive situation, seeking freedom and cutting loose. As you can see from this card in the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, that things my look good from the outside but underneath things are maybe not so fine and dandy. See how the top is green and lush but under the ground it is dark and scary. The Knight of Wands represents fast movement either metaphorically or physically. There is a real feeling of needing to move away and get out. The Eight of Swords is about the feeling of entrapment. The thing is with this card is that with the blindfold, you might feel like you have no options, but really you do. Often entrapment is in your own mind and you need to remove the blindfold in order to think more clearly. The Wheel is about the ups and downs of life. This is a karmic situation and nothing ever remains static. Things are in the process of changing.

In the middle row we have the Queen of Pentacles, The King of Swords and the Nine of Cups. This couple seem to have it all in this Nine of Cups. With the Nine of Cups there is bounty but a feeling of not having anyone to share it with.

In the next row we have the Emperor and the Eight of Wands. The Emperor represents the establishment. Perhaps it is time for some mediation. The Eight of Wands is about communication and things happening quickly. Messages being sent and received.

On the bottom we have the Five of Swords. This is about discord with an “us vs them” mentality, power plays and acting in self-interest.  There is victory here, but at what cost? Think hard before taking action.


Blessings all,