Card Meanings: Keywords

Pip Cards


Ace Wands: Big new project

Two wands: Partnership, collaboration, idea becomes reality

Three wands: success, progress

Four wands: Stability, success, celebration

Five wands: squabbles

Six wands: Victory!

Seven wands: Shields up! Or On Guard!

Eight wands:  Smooth sailing! The time is now!

Nine wands: Almost there! One last push!

Ten wands: Burdened, trapped by what you wanted


Ace cups: My cup runneth over LOVE

Two cups: Friendship, relationship growth

Three cups: Abundance, family celebrations

Four cups: Too much of a good thing, or taken for granted

Five cups: Regret and disappointment

Six cups: Nostalgic (have a cup and talk about old times!)

Seven cups: Wishful thinking

Eight cups: Disillusionment, or time to walk away

Nine cups: Cheers!

Ten cups: Happiness and success, great big happy family!


Ace Swords: Charge! Once more into the fray!

Two Swords:  Stalemate or stuck between a rock and a hard place

Three Swords: Grief and separation (in my mythic tarot I use betrayal)

Four Swords: Retreat (get some R and R)

Five Swords: Petty behavior / selfishness (in My  Mythic Tarot it’s acceptance of the rotten lot in life)

Six Swords:  Moving towards calmer waters (In Mythic Tarot its “someone’s got to do a the dirty work)

Seven Swords: Thief! (In Mythic Tarot it’s an extreme need for diplomacy walking the razors edge to sneakiness)

Eight Swords:  Trapped! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, (In Mythic sometimes it’s “you can’t please everyone)

Nine Swords: Fear, anxiety, feelings of persecution but it might be over exaggerated

Ten Swords:  Rock Bottom, Darkest before Dawn


Ace Pentacles:  Planting a seed, Windfall

Two Pentacles: Doing the juggling act

Three Pentacles: Hard work pays off

Four Pentacles: Miserly or a feeling of poverty

Five Pentacles: Strife and loss

Six Pentacles: financial stability and charity

Seven Pentacles: Harvest the fruits of your labour

Eight Pentacles: Educational or material gain. Successful student

Nine Pentacles: Financial success; independence

Ten Pentacles: Financial security

Court Cards

Pages: signify news, time to bring that energy into being dependent upon the suit

Page Wands:  Be courageous, be enthusiastic, be confident!

Page Cups:  Be kind, be loving

Page Swords: Be just, be truthful

Page Pentacles: Be practical, be trustworthy

Knights: signify time to move, either one way or the other depending on dignities

Knight Wands:  Act quickly but not hastily (if you slow, now is the time to speed up, if you are hasty, now is the time to slow down)

Knight Cups: Rose colored glasses (if you are not a dreamer, perhaps it is time to look at your hopes and dreams, if you tend to be too idealistic, it’s time to take a look at reality

Knight Swords:  cut to the chase (if you have a tendency towards being too outspoken, perhaps it’s time to soften up a bit. If you tend not to stand up for yourself or to hold your tongue to your own detriment perhaps its time to speak up!)

Knight Pentacles:  Mr. Reliable (if you are too flighty, perhaps it’s time to be more grounded, if you are grounded to the point of being stuffy, or stubborn, it’s time to lighten up a bit.)

Queens: Signify the feeling of the suit, they ask you to feel the way they feel.

Queen Wands: Self Sovereignty (Do you feel strong and energetic? Are you confident in your life?)

Queen Cups:  psychic, intuitive, empathic (Are you in touch with your emotions?)

Queen Swords: Smart and sassy (Are you being honest and forthright?)

Queen Pentacles: Generous and practical (Are you warm and caring towards others?)

Kings: Masculine side of the suit, they ask you to act the way they act.

King Wands: Bold and creative (Take bold creative action! Make a splash!)

King Cups: Warm and genuine (respond with diplomacy rather than force, time to be tolerant and understanding.

King Swords: Strong, authoritative and analytical (are you acting with honestly and integrity?)

King Pentacles: hardworking and successful (Keep commitments, support a new enterprise, fix something that is broken)

Major Arcana 


Major Arcana Key Words


Fool: Carpe Diem! Beginning of a whole new adventure!

Magician: Skills and tools to succeed. Power and Potential

High Priestess: Follow your intuition. Be still and listen.

Empress: Mother

The Emperor: Father /authority and achievement of a compassionate ruler.

Hierophant: Teacher / Tradition! Tradition!

Lovers: Choices /You better think!

Chariot: Victory with effort /assuming responsibility of power/full speed ahead!

Strength: Courage / inner strength

Hermit: Meditate / withdraw from the world

Wheel of Fortune: What goes up must come down! What goes around comes around.

Justice: Balance / conscious choice

Hanged Man: Sacrifice and surrender/ what needs to be sacrificed in order to bring change?

Death: Transition / inevitable change

Temperance: Harmony / balance with emotions

Devil: Bondage/ obsession / bonds can be broken if chosen to do so

Tower: Sudden change

Star: Hope / light at the end of the tunnel

Moon: Things that are hidden / unconscious shadows/facing fear/phases/psychic ability

Sun: Moment in the sun! / illumination

Judgement: Fresh start / begin again

The World: Completion / oneness


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