Weekend Spread for May 27, 2016

Weekend Spread for May 27, 2016

May 272016


Greetings everyone! Today we have an interesting reading for someone who has been having a pretty rough go of it, but I want to reassure you that the end of a bad cycle is coming!

In the top row we have the Ten of Swords, the Ten of Wands and the King of Swords. Tens do indicate the end of a cycle and these two together sure give the old message “When the going gets tough the tough get going!” It’s been a long hard road hasn’t it? The King of Swords here has a double meaning representing both you and the person causing your grief. Someone may not have been treating you so well, but you should “Stand in your Truth”, AND act with integrity.

In the center row we see the Four of Coins and the Wheel of Life. This person  has been acting out of self-interest and may not have been sharing the pie, but what goes around comes around! The Temperance card at the bottom is advising you that when that big wheel does turn to your advantage, to use temperance.


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Blessings all!


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