Weekend Spread for May 20, 2016

Greetings All!

I have been away for so long! I’ve been very busy with company, kids, finishing up my Herbalist Course and working on getting my healing ministry of the ground! (I’ve been working on my website, as well, to check it out go to www.artsofavalonholistichealing.com ) I am so glad today to find a few minutes to return to the Tarot work that I so love!





Today we have a reading for someone experiencing power and control issues. In the top row we have the King of Swords, The Five of Swords and the Six of Coins. You must understand that taking that “win / lose” attitude with the people you love and care about is only going to cost you in the end. Is this really what you want for your relationships? To be considered, “Lord and Master” over all? What you really crave is not power, but love and you don’t get that by controlling people. That only pushes them away, which is what we see in the rest of the reading.

In the middle row we see the Knight of Cups and the Ten of Coins, and at the bottom we have the Six of Swords. The Knight of Cups indicates the emotional nature of this situation and also represents that person you are playing one upsmanship with. They aren’t going to take it forever. The Ten of Coins is about family, legacy, and building that lasting stability.

On the bottom we have the Six of Swords which is about movement from one place to another, sometimes metaphorically and sometimes actual physical movement, usually away from an intolerable situation in hopes of finding something better on the opposite shore. This says to me that your power games will not be tolerated forever, and this Knight is considering gathering up their resources and packing it in. Is this what you really want? Think about it.


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