Weekend Spread for February 19, 2016

Good Friday everyone! I hope you are all well!




Today we have a message going out to someone who has been working their butt off to make changes happen. Not to worry! Those changes you wish to see will come to pass!


In the top row we see The Three of Coins, Death, and the Six of Wands. You’ve been working so hard to make things happen. In the Death Card we have to remember that often transitions cannot be rushed, they are made in their own time with the natural cycle and order of things. In the Six of Wands we see that your hard work does eventually pay off!

In the middle row we have the Seven of Coins and the Seven of Wands. Of course with two sevens appearing in the same row, we need to consider the symbolism of number. Seven has long been considered a spiritual number connected with the gods, often it is seen as a symbol of feminine creativity. After having finally accomplished what you set out to do in the Three, and been successful in making this transition you need to look back at all the hard work, celebrate a job well done but at the same time begin planning for the future. Where is this success going to take you now? Perhaps it is time now to share your knowledge with others. This is what I feel is happening in the Seven of Wands. I have stated before that most of the time the Seven of Wands represents a need to defend your position, and it can also represent instruction, or teaching others. There may be a little bit of both going on here. You have worked so hard to be where you are, you may feel the need to fight to stay there.

In the King of Wands we see that with this experience you become the great wise, charismatic leader that you are meant to be. Take what you have learned and use it to lead others.






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