Weekend Spread for January 29, 2016



Greetings everyone! Sorry the readings have become so sporadic! I have been very busy with my family and with my studies. I am currently enrolled in a Master Herbalist program. While I have been enjoying the learning, it has been a great deal of work!

This weekend is about seizing new opportunities and planting new seeds! The Page of Coins tells you to BE grounded, BE trustworthy, BE practical. If you embody these things will draw what you need towards you. Have faith, be dependable, and stick to your word.

The Seven of wands here is interesting. Often this card means “holding your ground”. It’s about taking a defensive position. Sometimes, however it is about being the expert who is the instructor. This is the feeling I get from this card in this spread. You are shining the light for others, you are showing the way.

The Ten of Cups is about completion of a cycle to it’s fullest potential. It is about hearth and home, security, legacy and prosperity. It is about the joy of family and being content. This is a time to count your blessings.

Beside the blessings and joys of home and hearth, we have the Lovers. I very much feel this weekend is all about staying home, snuggling in and enjoying your spouse and family. Going back again to examine that Seven of Wands and it’s other meaning, along with the Lovers, which usually indicates that a choice must be made, I’d say you really WANT to just stay home, maybe you feel you need to justify your need to relax? Just make the choice to DO it.

The Ace of Coins echo’s this in that it is about being grounded, having prosperity, stability and a firm foundation.

Enjoy your time with loved ones, close to hearth and home.





2 thoughts on “Weekend Spread for January 29, 2016

  1. pearle3 says:

    Thankyou! I am going to take that wonderful advice and welcome back 🙂
    Good luck with your studies!

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