Weekend Spread for January 29, 2016



Greetings everyone! Sorry the readings have become so sporadic! I have been very busy with my family and with my studies. I am currently enrolled in a Master Herbalist program. While I have been enjoying the learning, it has been a great deal of work!

This weekend is about seizing new opportunities and planting new seeds! The Page of Coins tells you to BE grounded, BE trustworthy, BE practical. If you embody these things will draw what you need towards you. Have faith, be dependable, and stick to your word.

The Seven of wands here is interesting. Often this card means “holding your ground”. It’s about taking a defensive position. Sometimes, however it is about being the expert who is the instructor. This is the feeling I get from this card in this spread. You are shining the light for others, you are showing the way.

The Ten of Cups is about completion of a cycle to it’s fullest potential. It is about hearth and home, security, legacy and prosperity. It is about the joy of family and being content. This is a time to count your blessings.

Beside the blessings and joys of home and hearth, we have the Lovers. I very much feel this weekend is all about staying home, snuggling in and enjoying your spouse and family. Going back again to examine that Seven of Wands and it’s other meaning, along with the Lovers, which usually indicates that a choice must be made, I’d say you really WANT to just stay home, maybe you feel you need to justify your need to relax? Just make the choice to DO it.

The Ace of Coins echo’s this in that it is about being grounded, having prosperity, stability and a firm foundation.

Enjoy your time with loved ones, close to hearth and home.





New Year Tarot Reading for 2016

New Year Reading for 2016


Greetings everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Here is a reading for 2016. I have split the year in half with a card for each month, then will throw more cards for clarification as needed.

We begin the year most appropriately, with the Ace of Swords in January. Aces signify new beginnings. This January is a new beginning embodying the energies of the Swords. This card is about facing truth. It’s the sword of justice and clear thinking. The time is now to champion a cause and speak your truth. This is about facing a challenge with courage, truth and fortitude.

In February we see the Five of Swords. This is the warrior in battle and he’s won, but at what cost? The Five of Swords is about looking out for number one. This is fine as long as we don’t take this too far. There is a very fine balance when we look out for our own interests, and not impeding on the rights of others. If this is war, if this is battle, how do you fight the “good” fight? Will you fight honorably or will you resort to fighting dirty? Throwing another card for clarification we have the Ten of Wands. The work is hard, the load is heavy. This battle is definately uphill and it will take it’s toll.



In March we have the Two of Swords which indicates that we are feeling trapped between a rock and a hard place. A choice must be made whether we like it or not. We must remove the blindfold and make that choice. Ignoring the issue will not make it go away. Over this I have thrown the page of Wands. Pages tell us to embody the suit. BE courageous, BE active, BE a leader.


In April we have the Lovers. The Lovers is about making choices. Where we have the two of Swords, and are avoiding a decision in March, we find we make that choice in April. This is not a simple black and white issue, there is much involved in this choice that defines who we are and what we stand for and what we will become. Once these choices have been made, the path is set and the adventure begins. This is what we see in the Two of Wands which I have thrown over the lovers. The Two of Wands is about personal power and how it is wielded to proceed upon the chosen path. This is the time to be BOLD take action, and take risks. There is no more sitting on the fence.


In May we have the Justice Card. Justice is blind, the saying goes, and that is represented in the eyes being covered in this illustration. Unlike the blindfold in the Two of Swords which is about the refusal to make a choice, Justice makes a decision giving weight to all things considered. It is about choosing right action after considering all sides. Issues of ethics comes into play, and throwing the Nine of Cups over Justice indicates that though we may get what we want we need to be cautious regarding becoming too self satisfied. We need to think very seriously about how we may be indulging ourselves at other’s expense. This theme seems to extend from what we saw in February with regard to the Five of Swords and the Ten of Wands. We need to ask ourselves “Who is paying the price?”


In June we have the Empress. There is bounty for all, there is enough for all. Throwing the Knight of Wands over top is a caution not to act in haste, and not to be careless with the resources that we have. The Knight of Coins in July reinforces the need to be practical and grounded.


In August we have the Queen of Wands. She is a formidable woman, a charismatic leader who knows what she wants and will do what she needs to do to get it. Throwing the Ten of Swords over this Queen, we see that she has finally come to the end of a difficult and almost intolerable situation, but it is not without sacrifice that she has arrived at this point. This card may also indicate martyrdom. Throwing another card for more clarification we have the Knight of Swords. It’s time to cut to the chase. Clear thinking and swift action is what is required now.



In September we have the Ten of Coins. This card is often about legacy and the building and continuing of legacy. It also stands for a conservative and established tradition. Throwing the Eight of Cups over the Ten of Coins we see that we need to leave the old way of thinking behind.


In October we have the Three of Cups, this often symbolizes a celebration of friendship and community. One that makes you want to dance and sing! This is about discovering a common goal and supporting each other in the achievement of that goal. It can also often symbolize a celebration of women or female family members. Throwing another card over top we have the Three of Coins which is about hard work, and often about team work. Once the celebrating is over the real work begins and it’s all about working hard as a team! Both cards are the number three, which is about growth, prosperity and the birth of something new!


In November we have the Sun! In a simple word, SUCCESS. The goal has been achieved, it is the dawning of a new day!

Appropriately, in December we have the Fool. The ending of a cycle and the beginning of a whole new journey!


Lots of hard work to be done this year will end in the triumphant new beginnings!


There is “a New Hope!” (Sorry! The Geek in me couldn’t resist! LOL!)


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Blessings to all in the New Year!