Weekend Spread for December 4, 2015

Good morning all! It’s good to be back working with my cards! Nice to go away, but nice to come home too!




Today we see a cycle coming to a close. The closing of this cycle is not simple though. There is some worry about it. Lots of questions and thoughts going through the mind perhaps even keeping you awake at night. This seem to be moving faster than you would like. The key here, as we see in the Eight of Wands, is keeping the lines of communication open. Talk about it. The page of cups in the second row is about keeping an open heart and trusting that you have the skills to keep it all in balance. This is what we see in the Two of Coins. The Hermit on the bottom is advising you to take some much needed time to yourself to process and rest as this cycle ends.

Blessings all!




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