Weekend Spread for December 18, 2015

Weekend Spread for December 18, 2015




Greetings everyone! I hope all is well! Today we have a reading for some industrious person working hard to become successful on a new path.

In the top row we have the Magician, the Two of Wands and the Hanging Man. The Magician is symbolic of many things, but primarily he is symbolic of having the power to determine your own destiny. Here we come to the fork in the road. Which path will you take? The Two of Wands indicates that you have a plan and that you are beginning to take the necessary steps to achieve your goal. The Hanging Man asks you what you are sacrificing to succeed.

In the middle row we see the Three of Coins and the Ace of Cups. It’s going to take a lot of work, but you will be putting your whole heart into it! Combined with the Hanging Man at the top, this Ace of Cups below may indicate that you are putting relationships on hold while you work at achieving this goal as well.

The Knight of Cups at the bottom has advice for you. If you tend to be an emotional person, now is the time to set the emotions aside and think clearly and rationally. If you are usually a very rational person, this may indicate that you need to look closer at your feelings around the whole situation. Drawing another card for clarification on the matter, we see the Two of Coins which indicates that you need to actually form a balance between the two.


Basically this spread looks like you’ve had your nose to the grindstone. You have been so focused on putting your plans into place and achieving success, that your relationships may begin to suffer. Are you willing to make that sacrifice? Balance is the key.

Blessings and good luck!




Weekend Spread for December 11, 2015

Weekend Spread for December 12, 2015




Somebody’s having a new baby! That’s what this reading has all over it!

In our top row we have the Star, the Empress and the Page of Cups. In short, that’s hope, motherhood, and new baby!

In the middle row we see a world of possibilities and challenges in the seven of cups and the inner strength that will be needed to meet those challenges.

The Four of Swords at the bottom says get your rest now because you are going to  need it!


Good luck and Congrats!



Weekend Spread for December 4, 2015

Good morning all! It’s good to be back working with my cards! Nice to go away, but nice to come home too!




Today we see a cycle coming to a close. The closing of this cycle is not simple though. There is some worry about it. Lots of questions and thoughts going through the mind perhaps even keeping you awake at night. This seem to be moving faster than you would like. The key here, as we see in the Eight of Wands, is keeping the lines of communication open. Talk about it. The page of cups in the second row is about keeping an open heart and trusting that you have the skills to keep it all in balance. This is what we see in the Two of Coins. The Hermit on the bottom is advising you to take some much needed time to yourself to process and rest as this cycle ends.

Blessings all!