Weekend Spread for November 6, 2015



Greetings all! Sorry I missed last week. Had some stuff to take care of!

This week is a three card spread. What we have is the Eight of Swords, the Seven of cups and Rebirth which is Judgement in the traditional deck.

This reading if for someone who is going through a profound change. The Eight of Swords is about feeling trapped. Perhaps trapped in an old way of thinking, trapped in a job, trapped in a relationship, trapped in a cycle. The Seven of Cups is about having choices, but it is also about wanting to keep all the options open but yet not really committing to anything. You must narrow it down to the path that will lead you out of this bondage that we see in the Eight of Swords. Once you have made a decision and sharpened your focus, you can start upon that new path, which we see in the card of Rebirth. Everything you have done, everything you have experienced has led you to where you are now and who you are now. It’s time to start new and fresh with a whole different perspective.

Blessings on this new path!