Weekend Spread for October 23, 2015





Today we have a reading appropriate for the season. October is the month of the old celebration of Samhain and for many it is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. This is what we see in the World Tree in the top row. With the ending of this cycle we see that there is much up and coming in the new cycle! No rest for the wicked!

The Eight of Wands symbolizes communication, either by phone, email, etc. Things are happening fast and there is lots to discuss! The Page of Swords is telling you to be clear headed and open to new ideas.

In the middle row we have the Page of Discs and the Underworld. One, is that with all of these new changes and the closing of a cycle, you are still making your own personal transitions during this time and you need to remain grounded and focused. Again it is appropriate that the Underworld should show up in a reading as this is the beginning of the dark time of the year when we naturally with draw from the world to take time to contemplate our lives, and do the inner work we need to do when facing our shadow selves. The Page of Coins in this deck has the keyword “health” which may indicate that for whoever this is, you may be facing some health issues during this time. Just remember, that in our society, we have a tendency to go against the natural flow of things, and over do things during the “holiday season”. Take things slowly and listen to that natural pull to go within. Then, like the Sun in the bottom row, you will have the energy to rise when the time comes!





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