Weekend Spread for October 16, 2015



High Priest

Greetings everyone! Sorry I missed last week. One of those things that just couldn’t be avoided!

Anyway, I am back this week and have a message for someone who is definitely going through a life transition. In the top row we have the Seven of Wands, The Wheel, and the Four of Discs. This row is about someone who has had to fight their way to where they are now, and the Wheel of Fortune beside the Four of Coins indicates that you have been successful and that you are definitely at the top of your game. The warning here though is that money isn’t everything, and that things can change on a dime when that wheel of fortune begins to turn again.

Look at the middle row because this is where your truth lies. It’s nice to have that material stability, but not at the expense of your relationships. That Knight of Cups is there to remind you that when given a choice, remain true to your innate generous and open hearted nature. This is the true path to your higher and wiser self that we see in the High Priest at the bottom.


Blessings all and have a great weekend!




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