Weekend Spread for September 25, 2015




Greetings everyone! Today we have a reading for someone who has been contemplating their financial future, and wondering where to go and what to do next.

In the top row we have the Four of Cups, the Ten of Coins and the Seven of Coins. This row is about bringing in the harvest. The work is done, and now it’s time to consider putting some of that harvest away for future planting.

In the middle row we have the Page of Coins, and the Knight of Wands. I get the feeling from this row that sometimes whomever this reading is for tends to be impulsive, especially with money. Combine this with the King of Coins on the bottom and the message here is now is the time to be responsible. You need to be grounded and think hard before making any financial decisions. Now is not the time for taking risks.


Blessings all!




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