Weekend Spread for September 18, 2015






Wow! Quite a spread we have today!

In that top row we have the Seven of Swords, the Eight of Wands, and the Devil. In the middle row we see the Queen of Wands and the Four of Coins, and on the bottom we have the three of coins.

Something is definitely going on and that something is “rotten in the state of Denmark”. The Seven of Swords is someone behaving in a sneaky and dishonest way. The Eight of Wands tells me there is a lot of talk going on and the Devil is all about manipulation. That Seven of Swords is echoed in that Four of Coins… someone is definitely acting in a selfish, sneaky and manipulative way. The Queen of Wands is a compelling woman but with all of these cards around her I’d say it’s her dark side that is showing right now. This is all about power. I’m thinking that hard working fellow in the Three of Coins is going to be in for a bit of a shock. I think he’s oblivious to the whole mess that is going on behind him.

Pulling more cards for information we get the Justice card, Strength, and the King of Cups. When the **it hits the fan Justice will have to be served. It will be important to remain balanced, maintain your inner fortitude, and tap into the gentle wisdom of the King of Cups who is a sensitive, but strong leader.

Good luck!


If you like Dragonflymoon Tarot Blog, please feel free to read my Arts of Avalon Holistic Health blog as well. I am currently working on a series of posts regarding holistic healing modalities and psychoneuroimmunology. Today the topic is “Managing Stress through Reiki”. Blessings all!


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