Weekend Spread July 31, 2015





Greetings all! Our reading today is for someone who looks rather disappointed with the way things are going career / money wise by the looks of it.

We begin with the King of Pentacles, The Five of Cups and the Queen of Swords. This king is the kind of guy who normally can turn anything into gold but that Five of Cups tells me that he just isn’t feeling that lately. The Queen of Cups is there to remind you that you grow wiser for your experiences. She’s smart, sassy, and doesn’t put up with much crap. She takes the hard knocks, learns from her experiences and moves on.

That Knight of Cups in the middle row is quite opposite to that Queen of Swords. He has a tendency to wallow somewhat in self-pity. The Seven of Wands is there to tell you to pull up your bootstraps and fight back! Just because you may find yourself with some stiff competition doesn’t mean you should just give up! That success we see in the Sun at the bottom of the spread is worth fighting for!


Good luck!



Weekend Spread for July 24, 2015

Greetings everyone! Good to be back! I’ve been crazy busy getting the Lost Goddess class up and running on Udemy, and finishing up my certifications for Holistic Health Practitioner. The class is finally finished and up and running! Yea! I am now one step away from Holistic Health Practitioner Certification. I’m also now working on a second class, for Crystal Reiki. I will let you all know when that is complete as well.

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Our reading today really looks like it’s about choices in a love relationship.

On the top we have the Knight of Wands, the Eight of Wands, and the Four of Swords. This Knight is charismatic and full of energy and all about action. He is bold and brave, but sometimes he is rash too. The Eight of wands is about communication and things happening quickly, and the Four of Swords is about taking a break. The Queen of Coins in the center row is a well-grounded, practical person, and the Lover’s often indicates not only a love relationship, but a choice.

This really feels to me like perhaps in this relationship things moved a little too quickly and now there is this need to take a step back and think about where you really are going with this. The Ace of Cups at the bottom is the Big Love Card. The love is definitely there, it’s all new and exciting but maybe a bit too much! Combine the rashness of this Knight, and all the love cards, I think the warning here is to take things a bit slower. The Queen of Pentacles is practical and level headed, these are the qualities you want to tap into when making choices about this relationship.

If you think this reading is for you, and you would like to discuss it, please feel free to contact me at mirianorthwind@dragonflymoontarot.com.


Blessings all!


Weekend Spread for July 3, 2015






Greetings everyone!

I hope all is well! I just want to start by announcing that due to difficulties with the online classroom platform the “Lost Goddess” class had to be rescheduled. I’ve been working with the WizIQ team to fix the issues and hopefully they have been resolved. Thank you to all those who volunteered to help sign in for the “test classes”! It was most helpful!

Here is the link to sign up for the rescheduled class for those of you who may be interested!



The Lost Goddess: An Introduction to Rediscovering the Divine Feminine Through Mythology

So our reading today is for someone who has been oscillating between feeling hopeless and feeling positive and expansive. One minute you are up and one minute you are down, and that Two of Swords indicates you are stuck on this see saw not really knowing which way to go!  In the second row we have the Five of Coins and the King of Cups reversed (I don’t usually do reversals in a larger spread, but felt compelled today). The Five of Cups indicates the feeling of lack, and feeling like your needs aren’t being met. Perhaps you’ve had the door slammed in your face too many times. The King of Cups reversed is a fellow who is overly emotional and dependent possibly to the point of codependency and this is NOT a good situation because down at the bottom here with the Ace of Wands reversed, we see how this situation is causing a blockage in creativity.

Pulling more cards we see here the Eight of Coins as you continue to work hard at making this creative endeavor successful, the reversed Two of Coins indicates the difficulty you may be having in keeping it all in balance. The Five of Cups reversed may at first look bad, but it’s all about how you are beginning to learn from past experience and your willingness to leave the old situations behind so that you can begin something new.

Have a great weekend all!