Weekend Spread for June 26, 2015

Greetings everyone! I hope you are all well!


Thanks to all who were interested in joining me on June 24 for the Lost Goddess class, and sorry to those of you who tried to get in and couldn’t because of technical difficulties! Because of Wiz IQ’s technical issues that night I decided to postpone the class so if you couldn’t make it, here is another opportunity! I will announce when that class will be rescheduled soon.

I also am very pleased to announce the launching of my new website Arts of Avalon Holistic Healing Ministry. I’m so excited to be beginning this new adventure and hope you will check it out!

So announcements being done, let’s take a look at today’s Tarot.

Today we have the Hermit, The King of Swords Reversed and the Four of Cups.

This reading says to me that you are really needing to take some time to figure things out. The Hermit is of course withdraw from the world to do just that. The King of Swords here has a couple of different meanings, it can indicate indecision and indecisiveness, which is confirmed by that four of cups which is about ambivalence. That reversed King of Swords can also represent a person, and he’s not a very nice person at that. This guy lashes out at the least provocation, he is at best unpleasant and at worst abusive. In any case, he is not pleasant to be around. Taking the other meaning of this card ie indecision, along with the Hermit and that Four of Cups it just really feels like you are doing some serious thinking but you really aren’t sure what to do about the situation. That’s ok. Sometimes we need that time of deep thought and contemplation before we can come up with a plan and clear away all the underbrush before we can find the path again.

I hope this helps.





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