Weekend Spread for June 4, 2015


Greetings everyone!

Loads going on, been sick with a nasty cold and fever too, so not feeling to up to making a video today. I’m still very excited about offering the “Lost Goddess” class on June 24, 7pm central. If any of you are interested in attending this live class please make sure to reserve your spot. Space is limited!

The Lost Goddess: an Introduction to Rediscovering the Divine Feminine Through Ancient Mythology


Here’s our reading for today:




In the top row we have the Page of Swords, the Nine of Cups and the Devil. This is an interesting combination. The Nine of Cups and the Devil together make me wonder if someone has been indulging themselves too much, possibly even to the point of addiction. The Page of Swords is there to tell you that it’s time to take responsibility for your behavior, and the Lovers in the Second row reminds you that you DO have choices. The Knight of Swords says you need to “cut the crap” and take a hard look at your behavior and the trouble it is causing. That Page up in the Corner supports this in that he says it’s time to face issues head on.

Looking at this grouping of the Lovers, the Knight of Swords and the Queen of Cups I’d say we are looking at a relationship. This Knight of Swords might be smart and head strong but he can also be tactless, and rude with a superiority complex. If this is you, and you find people avoiding you, and maybe in this case, your partner (that Queen of Cups at the bottom) doesn’t want much to do with you both in and out of the bedroom (Lovers and Nine of Cups together can indicate sexuality…) then it’s time to balance those “opinionated jerk” aspects of the Knight of Swords and dig deep to find that softer, side of yourself.


Throwing more cards down for more information, we see that if you don’t make some changes this is going to lead to continued disagreements (Five of Wands) and possibly even the end of your relationship (Death). Two of Coins says now is the time for balance and the Ace of Swords says it’s time for a hard look at the truth. Throwing one more card, on that Queen of Cups what we see now is the Knight of Cups. This just reinforces that your mate is really needing you to reconnect with that more sensitive, fun-loving and romantic side to yourself. Remember that guy? He’s under the armor somewhere.

Hope this has been helpful.





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