Another week off

Sorry everyone, I’m needing to take another week off. Hopefully I’ll be back up and running next week.

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Taking a Break Today

Greetings all! I’ve had mucho “stuff” on my plate today so I’m needing to take a break from the Weekend Readings.

“See” you next week and have a blessed weekend!”


Weekend Spread for April 10, 2015

Good morning everyone! Hope you had a fabulous week! I thought the stone reading video turned out so well that we would try this format also with the card readings. I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to  make comments below. If you would like to book a consultation please click the link to the left.

Have a blessed weekend!


Introducing Avalonian Stone Readings


Greetings everyone! I have been working very hard and am excited to introduce my new Avalonian Stone Readings.  I have had a great love of rocks and stones since I was a little girl collecting them from glacial lakes while on vacation with my parents  in the Rocky Mountains. My dad and sister are the same way and we always came home with a trailer full of rocks. My mother used to say we were just like Lucille Ball in The Long Trailer. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I actually sat down and watched that movie and roared with laughter at the familiarity of it!

I began seriously collecting stones as a young adult and began to investigate their healing properties, then of course life changes and pretty soon I began to be too busy with diaper changes and three am feedings so my collection sat on the table collecting dust. Recently I have had a re connection with the study of minerals, their healing properties, and the art of lithomancy, which is divination using stones. The method I began studying several years ago never really resonated with me so I decided it was time to develop my own methods using some of the celtic symbolism that speaks to my heart. The system is very comprehensive, you need to look at the layout as a whole so it’s not really conducive to the photo accompanied with the written blog. I decided the readings would be much better presented in video format, so I am again expanding my horizons and learning how to utilize You Tube. After several starts and stops and multiple roadblocks I think I am now ready to present my first Avalonian Stone Reading video.

As I mentioned, the symbolism I am using is celtic in origin. The Triquitra symbolizes the cycle of life in thirds. We see this symbolism often in spirituality. The circles represent the eternal cycle and the mythology the readings are based on comes from the ancient Welsh Pantheon of the Mabinogion.

Mythology being another passion of mine, has led me to spend much time in study of the myths of Rhiannon, Cerridwen, Arianhrod, Branwen and Blodeuwedd.  Each of them represent part of the great cycle and have much to teach us.

This page from the Sisterhood of Avalon will give you a good overview of the symbolism of each of the Welsh cycle goddesses.

If you are interested in receiving an Avalonian stone reading, please find my link on the left side for Booking a Consultations

I hope you enjoy!

Blessings All!


Weekend Spread for April 3, 2015

Greetings all!

I hope you have all had a good week! Always busy, I know! You may have all been wondering about my venture into stone readings, the good news is that I have developed a system that I am happy with but I am considering different ways of presenting those readings as they are not really conducive to photo and written form. I am thinking they would work better in video format so I’ll be continuing to work on that project. I am also happy to announce that I have been taking a class in Crystal Reiki which has really opened me up to new levels in working with my stones and crystals. That has been very exciting and inspiring!

In the meantime, I will be choosing a stone at random  from my set at the beginning of each reading to set the “tone” for the reading.

Now for our reading today:


The stone today is the Rainforest Jasper. In my set this stone is assigned to represent “home” and all things regarding the place we call “home”.  The energy of this stone is connected to Earth as our home, it is about all things green and growing and represents healing Earth Energy. This stone would be good to carry if you need to bring new growth energy into your life, it is also good for healing both matters of the heart and physical healing. This is a perfect stone for our Tarot reading today as you will see!





There is big change, going on. New and exciting! As you can see we have several of the same cards that we had last week. The first thing that really jumps out here is that we have three pages. This is definitely an indication of new and fresh energy. New bursts of trust, love and creativity! In between trust and love, we have the Death Card, this indicates a huge shift, a whole new cycle. Remember with the Death card there is also rebirth. We leave behind our old way of thinking to give birth to something new. In the second row we have the Wheel of Fortune, so we have three pages and two major arcana cards. This is a major life transition, after being a long time in the dark, the wheel of life turns and we are again springing into new beginnings.  The Knight of Swords looks like a dark and ominous fellow in this deck but he actually represents cutting through the deadwood to make room for new growth. He is keen, and with his sharp intellect he sees things clearly and is the expert in his field. He knows what he is talking about. The other side of this knight is that he can be somewhat detached emotionally, but considering his close proximity to the Page of Cups who is very emotionally connected, I don’t see this as a problem at this time. This Knight is all about learning and seeing clearly. The Page of Wands at the bottom indicates this fresh burst of creativity and enthusiasm. When pages show up they represent the embodiment of the suit and are much like Aces in that way. They tell you to BE that way. BE courageous, BE confident.

Just for extra measure I chose another card to “sum things up”, so to speak.  This is the Eight of Cups. This card is about leaving things behind and saying goodbye. It’s time for a fresh start, it’s time to say goodbye to old outmoded way of thinking. This is a whole new beginning! (Combine this with our stone and I can’t help but think this reading is for someone who is moving into a new home and starting a new life!)

Blessings all!