Weekend Spread for March 13, 2015

Greetings all! I hope you all had a good week!

We have a powerful reading today about initiation, rebirth and renewal. (Which is so appropriate for this time of the year!) This spread is for someone who has come through a whole process of transformation.




In the top row we see Initiation (Temperance in more traditional decks), The Two of Discs, and the Eight of Cups. The Initiation card is about making life transitions. This card is about moving from one state of being to another perhaps through marriage, divorce, birth of a child… these are all periods of initiation from one state of being to another. Spiritually, this card marks the passage from one state of consciousness to another. You have learned your lessons and now you make your way back out of the labyrinth and begin integrating what you have learned into your life. In the Two of Discs, we see that this integration is a work in progress, keeping things in balance and working in a state of fluctuation. This is a completely natural process until you finally come to the point where it is time to say goodbye to the old way of being (Eight of Cups: Abandonment) in order to come closer to your own authentic, spiritual self, which is reflected in the High Priestess. Sometimes in this growth process we have to not only shed what doesn’t work for us anymore, but it means physically leaving some things behind as well. Maybe this means leaving a job or a relationship which we no longer find fulfilling.

The Two of Swords represents exactly what the keyword on the top suggests. Making changes for yourself, so that you are living your authentic life, is often met by opposition from others. You may find that your significant other, or your friends and family are not supportive of your journey to authenticity, they want you to remain the same as you always were, usually because it means they can’t control or use you anymore. It’s to their benefit to maintain the status quo. The Knight of Wands on the bottom however indicates you have the courage and fortitude to stay the course and live your own life’s adventure! Bravo!

If you feel this reading has been for you, feel free to comment. I’d love to hear your story!




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