Weekend Spread for March 6, 2015

Greetings everyone! I hope you are all well!


Our reading today is ultimately about creative energy and growth. This reading is FULL of spring energy! In our first row we see the Seven of Wands, The Lord (The Emperor), and The Green Man (The Fool).


In traditional decks, the Seven of Wands illustrates a single man with one wand seemingly defending himself against six unseen foes holding six more wands. This is a card about defending yourself or taking a stand for what you believe in. What is interesting in this deck, is that the depiction of the seventh wand is the club of the the Cerne Abbas Giant, who is thought to be a depiction of an old fertility god.  The card next to this is the Lord (The Emperor) as exemplified by the Fertility God Herne, and of course the third card on the top row is the Green man, yet another symbol of fertility.


In the center row we see the Nine of Discs, a symbol of wealth and abundance, and the Queen of Swords. The Queen of Swords in the Sacred Circle deck is a very special card. She is the maiden of Spring. (Is there any other more appropriate cards to draw at this time of the year?) You can see the maiden is surrounded by spring flowers and sitting at her feet is the Hare, sacred animal of the Goddess Eostre, from whom we derive the word “Easter”. (There is also a Hare in the corner of the Lord Card.)

What we see in these top two rows are the two creative forces of nature, both masculine and feminine and that Seven of Wands with the keyword Rivalry is an indicator of the friction between them. There is a delicate balance in the marriage between these forces, sometimes they are in harmony and sometimes they are not…  but what ultimately comes of their relationship is that creative potential that we see in the Page of Wands.


There are so many layers to this particular reading, that it is difficult to peel them all! On a grand scale we see the forces of Winter and Spring, battling at a cross roads. For those who have been awaiting that time of warmth, never fear! The Page of Swords is bringing the warmth for you!

On another level, we have the forces of the masculine and feminine, and perhaps an even more personal message for someone who is experiencing rivalry within a relationship. In traditional decks, the Green Man is the Fool. He represents new beginnings. You may have felt that you had to defend yourself, you may have needed to argue your point, and now that you have spoken your truth, you can start fresh and bring a new stability to your relationship and a renewed sense of creativity and power.

Blessings all!



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