Weekend Tarot and Stones for January 23, 2015

Greetings everyone! Sorry I missed last week. Busy weekend! I’m back today with a new Tarot deck! This is the lovely Sacred Circle deck with images by Paul Mason. This beautiful deck draws on the sacred sites and Pagan heritage of Britain and Ireland. I am very much looking forward to becoming more familiar with it.



Today we seem to have a reading that is for someone who is working hard to become perhaps not only a master at his craft, but the master of his life.


In the top row we have the Eight of Discs, the Knight of Discs and the Druid. Discs correspond to coins or pentacles in traditional decks. The Eight of Discs in traditional decks is symbolized by a craftsman hard at work at his art. In this deck there are seven discs in which a labyrinth has been carved onto the face. The eight disc is left uncarved. The Labyrinth is  a symbol of self-discovery. We move through our lives, come to the center discover ourselves take what we have learned and follow the path out again. The eight disc symbolizes that we still have life lessons to learn. This card is symbolic of moving onto that next learning experience.  In this card we see someone who is perhaps looking for a career change in midlife. The keyword at the top of this card is “Skill”, the blank disc symbolizes that it’s time to work on some new skills. The Knight of Discs symbolizes that practical, hard working person who is willing to work hard at being successful at this new chosen path. The Druid in this deck is a combination of two traditional cards the Magician, who is often depicted at the cross roads with all the tools of the trade laid out in front of him, and the Hierophant who is the teacher / guide. This card tells you many things. First, that you have this choice to make in which direction you wish your life to go and second, you have all the tools you need to make that choice and to succeed in your endeavor. This card may also symbolize that in order to follow this new path you will need a teacher or a guide to show you the ropes. Perhaps it is time for some further education courses.


In the middle row we see the Two of Discs. This is a card about keeping all things in balance. Following this new path will mean being able to be flexible, and being able to shift your weight and keep things balanced between home / career / new classes. The Keyword at the top of this card is appropriate, Fluctuation. You will need to be able to “fluctuate” between all your given roles / duties in order to make this work. The Four of Cups is one of those cards with multiple meanings. In this deck, the keyword you see at the top of the card is “Discontent”. Perhaps you are needing to make these changes because you really aren’t content with the way things are now. This card also often depicts a person sitting at the bottom of a tree gazing into space in deep thought. Take the time to contemplate your course of action and plan it out, then take action. This is what the King of Wands on the bottom is all about.


This king is strong and charismatic and decisive and energetic. Once you have figured out how you are going to keep on top of everything (two of discs and Four of Cups), you need to take control and just get out there and DO it.



Jan 23 2015

In the stones today we have a lot of “stuff” coming at us! In the top left grouping we have the expansiveness of the Jupiter stone and the warm and bright Sun stone mixed in with the stones of Life, Home, and Venus. Things on the home front are expansive and positive! The Jupiter stone is right under the Life stone and Home stone indicating that life will pretty much revolve around busyness on the ome front. The Sun Stone beside the Venus stone in this grouping may also indicate that you may be having some fun with redecorating the home or using your artistic talents to make your home not just comfortable but a beautiful and inspiring place to be!

The grouping on the dark half of the ying yang symbol is the Love stone, Saturn, and the Luck stone. While things may be looking positive on the home front, it doesn’t look so great in the Love department. “Unlucky in Love” is the term that comes to mind here.  Down at the bottom we have the Mars stone and the Chinese writing rock and they seem to be moving in the direction of that Love/Saturn/Luck grouping. You may be getting some news in the love department that is not so pleasant.

On the light half of the ying /yang we have the Mercury stone. Mercury symbolizing communication, and quickness, and clear thinking. Being that this is the only stone in the “conscious” section of the symbol, I’d say all you know right now is that things are busy! Perhaps you are just too busy right now to even think about that undercurrent stuff in the love department to notice that a problem is even brewing. In that top right section you have the moon with her gentle influences tugging at you. Just remember that this is all a phase and that all of this will also pass. Try to get “out of your head” a little bit so that you have more awareness of what is going on around you so that you are better prepared when this love life situation comes to the fore front.  Down at the bottom we have the Magic stone. This stone is supposed to indicate the most important area of the stone toss with it’s proximity. Like last time though we see this stone is alone at the bottom. The feeling I get from this however is not that it is isolated but that it is influencing ALL of the reading. At this time, there is not one thing that is more important than the other. It is ALL important and it ALL requires your attention. So try not to be so influenced by that busyness of Mercury that you miss out what is going on “behind the scenes”.





2 thoughts on “Weekend Tarot and Stones for January 23, 2015

  1. Very interesting deck. The overlapping “shields” over “discs” is curious conflation. Have you used this deck before in personal readings, or is this new to all of us?

    • geekyg1rl says:

      This is a new deck for me too. It’s actually been around for several years but it was unavailable for some time and has been reprinted. I’ve had it on order from Amazon for months! So excited that it is finally out again! The imagery is beautiful and the symbols speak to my celtic pagan heart!

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