Weekend Tarot and Stones for January 9, 2015

Greetings everyone!


I hope everyone is having a good start to the New Year! Today we have a reading that works in well with new beginnings and fresh starts!







In the top row we have the Four of Swords, the King of Wands and the Magician. The Four of Swords is generally a card about taking a rest or recovering and recuperating. It seems that the break is over and it is time again to done the mantle of leadership.  The King of Wands tells you to BE strong and charismatic and the Magician is there to remind you that you have the power to create your world around you. You just have to tap into that power. Often, the Magician is also about making choices. In many decks he is depicted standing at a crossroads surrounded by his tools of the trade (which are also the aces of each of the tarot suits).  Choices and decisions must be made and you have the tools to get the job done. This is one of those life changing, course setting decisions. You have the power, now what are you going to do with it?

Once you have chosen the path, things start to move quickly, as indicated in the Eight of Wands. This card often symbolizes lots of communication and planning going on possibly in the form of telephone calls and emails. The Death Card next to this indicates that this is a time of significant transition. One part of your life is coming to an end, but with endings there are also new beginnings. The Nine of Cups at the bottom indicates that this transition will result in much joy and fulfillment!




Our stones today are looking very positive! Inside the ying yang, on the light sight, we have the Home stone (Moss Agate), The Love stone (Rose Quartz), the Life stone (Carnelian) and in between the dark and light half we have the Venus stone (Aventurine, Love, beauty, artistic endeavors). Things are looking happy and content on the home front. Moving from the dark half to the light half we see the Sun stone (Tiger’s eye) and the News stone (Chinese writing rock). It looks like some good news is on it’s way!

Up at the top we see a line formation of Fortune or Luck (turquoise), Jupiter (Sodalite, ) which indicates Very expansive, good fortune, growth and opportunity and right below it, the Saturn stone, which indicates MIS fortune, or slow movement, restriction, and it also symbolizes fear. All are in a line heading for the Moss agate “home” stone. Come in from the other direction to join this line is Mercury (Hematite), which indicates communication, learning, travel.

This looks to me like some good stuff is headed towards the home front in the form of new learning and money and career opportunities. Combine this with the Chinese writing rock and the sun stone, it looks like good news, (maybe in the form of a job offer?) The Expansion, good fortune of Jupiter and the Restriction of Saturn may indicate some ambivalence or even maybe some fear of these changes but ultimately, with the luck and wealth of the Luck/ Turquoise and the learning and communication of the Mercury moving in, this cancels out those negative feelings of Saturn. It just means there might be a few bumps and bruises along the way, or that there is some waiting for the ultimate decision that is difficult to bear.

On the far right or on the West side, we have the Mars stone. Days of struggle are coming to an end. At the far left is the Moon stone which indicates that with all of these changes there will be a new realization and understanding of feelings and emotions.

On the bottom is the Magic stone (Apache tear). The magic stone indicates the most prominent or important aspect of the reading depending upon the stone it lies closest to. In this case, it is alone at the south end of the reading cloth. This feels like a “foundation” to me, being that it is at the bottom of the reading, all other stones are supported and influenced by it. Like the Magician and the Death card in the Tarot reading, it feels like this is a time of change, and transition, when life decisions are being made that will change the course of destiny. Just for some clarity, I threw a Tarot card down beside the Magic stone and this is the Knight of Cups. Emotions may be running high, and there may be some wavering between various emotions. The best course of action is to try your best to remain grounded, and clear headed.


Blessings and best of luck!




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