Weekend Tarot and Stones for January 2, 2015


Greetings all! I hope you found yesterday’s New Year’s reading interesting!








This weekend it looks like we are going to take some time off to reconnect with our spiritual path. On the top row we have the Faith card. In traditional decks, this is the Hierophant, or the Pope.  He stands for established religious paths or traditional institutions or this card can represent a leader / helper figure such as a minister, doctor, or teacher. Whether this is church, or counsellor, this person or group / institution will give you something to contemplate over which is what we see in the Four of Cups. Perhaps this contemplation is a counting of blessings that is demonstrated in the Ten of Coins.

Directly under the Faith card, we have the King of Wands, and beside him, the Two of Coins. Strong leadership has been required in order to keep everything in balance. The Eight of Wands at the bottom indicates that the time for contemplation (Four of Cups) is coming to a swift end and the time for action is now. Often this action takes the form of swift communication and putting plans into motion. Things will move along quickly now.


I am excited today to add my first stone reading to the weekly posts. I began exploring Lithomancy some time ago, assembled a wonderful set of stones but for my own reasons set them aside. I’m feeling now is the time to begin to explore them in earnest. The scarf I used as a cloth once belonged to my grandmother. In the center is a yin yang symbol which lends itself very well to the purpose I am using it for.

January 2, 2015

On the “light side” of the symbol we have a Red Jasper which represents Mars, and a Rose Quartz which symbolizes Love. The “light” side of the symbol represents those things that are happening “in the foreground” so to speak. Things that we are consciously working on at the moment. Stones in the “Dark” side are unconscious, or things that influence, will have influence or are up and coming issues.

When examining the stones, each one symbolizes either a planet or a “Fortune” stone. Planet stones are indicator stones bringing the energy of their associated planet (like in astrology) to whatever stone they are next to.

Basically, the stones are held in two hands and released over the cloth, their placement on the cloth and configuration and groupings are examined to bring forth and interpretation of the “spread” of the stones.

Let’s take a look at our first toss:

Mars and Love so close together, being the only stones on the light side, indicate to me that there are struggles relationship wise. There is turbulence in the way of anger and arguments.

Below and to the left is the Chinese writing rock which symbolizes communication. Being that Communication is on the dark side it seems to me that in this relationship there is a need for more clear communication. To the left of the Writing Rock is the Carnelian which is the “life” stone, it also is very symbolic of sexuality. Perhaps there has not been enough communication in this relationship about where things are standing in the bedroom. Down at the very bottom is the Tiger’s Eye which symbolizes the influence of the Sun. In order to bring these issues out from the dark side you need to “shed light on them” so to speak.

This theme of communication regarding love relationships is echoed again in the stones up and to the left. The green Aventurine is the Venus Stone and the Hematite just below and slightly to the right represents Mercury. Venus of course is the goddess and planet symbolizing love and beauty and Mercury is the god of communication. At the top of the circle we have the Apache Tear. This is the “magic” stone and it indicates the most important aspect of the reading. It forms as the bottom point of a triangle with the Milky Quartz representing the Moon on the left and the Moss Agate, which is the “hearth and home” stone on the right. These issues play a large part of what is going on with the love relationship in the center of the reading. The Moon often represents feminine issues and if I mix this up with the “home” of the Moss Agate, I’m inclined to say that stress in the way of feminine issues (maybe hormonal / life changes), and stress in the home is playing a large part of the relationship difficulties.

Just above and to the right of the Rose Quartz is the Turquoise. This stone symbolizes the influence of luck. Turquoise also is a symbol for wealth. This may indicate that some of the arguments / issues are about money. At least these issues are out in the open and being talked about. At the top, way above the turquoise is Jet, which symbolizes Saturn. Saturn is about restriction and misfortune, and this is an “indicator stone”, meaning that the stone it is close to indicates misfortune in that area. As it is far away from the wealth of the Turquoise I think there is more worry and fear about money than it actually being a current /immediate problem.

Way at the top on the other side above the “moon” stone is a piece of Sodalite that represents Jupiter. Jupiter is also an indicator stone, meaning that the stone that it is closest to is an important area to examine. It is closest to the Moon which tells me that “female” issues need to be examined. (Perhaps a change in hormones are at the bottom of some of this “unspoken” relationship issue?)


Hope this has been helpful.






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