New Year Reading for 2015

Happy New Year, all!

I asked the Tarot this morning to just give us a general overview of what the year has in store for us. It looks like it won’t be without its challenges!

I’ve split the year into thirds. The bottom row we can consider the beginning of the year, the middle row the middle of the year and the top row the end of the year.





In the bottom row we see the Six of Wands, the Knight of Cups, the Three of Wands, the Tower, and the Ace of Coins. Here we start the year in pride and confidence, and not with a small amount of romanticism as we see in the Knight of Cups who is an incurable romantic. In the three of wands we take on new goals and new ventures and we wait with optimism. We try to plan ahead, but the Tower in this row is a warning that great plans may be laid to waste if we don’t build a strong foundation that we see we need in the Ace of Coins. We have the great vision of the Three of wands, and we want so badly to forge ahead and be victorious, like that knight in the Six of Wands, but we must take the warning of the Knight of cups, we should not see things through the rose colored glasses of that Knight. We must be practical, and we must keep things in balance. This is where we move into the second row with Temperance.

When things don’t go as planned, as we have with the Tower, we at least see things now more clearly and realize that we must move more slowly and deliberately with more caution and temperance. So we begin again, with the Fool. In the center we see the Seven of Swords. The Seven of Swords is the “thief” card. I believe in this reading he is warning to move more cautiously. This card often means that there is a need for diplomacy. We learned our lesson from the Tower and now perhaps after being burned, we have learned to be more careful. This is echoed in the Hermit who carries the light of knowledge and symbolizes wisdom. He also represents a period of quiet contemplation before taking action. The last card in this row is Justice. This is an echo of the first card in regards to balance. With Justice there is a decision that is made and all sides must be examined before coming to a conclusion. The Hermit is a reminder to take that time to examine and contemplate before coming to that decision.

If we do this, we can build that security that we now see in the Ten of Coins in the top row. So in the beginning of the year, we have that need to build a foundation with the Ace of Coins and in the Top row we achieve that foundation and sense of security in the Ten of Coins. It seems at this point we have a choice as to how to proceed. We have a series of opposing cards. We have the Page of Cups who represents love and open hearted forgiveness beside the Knight of Swords who has a tendency to leave emotions behind and be cutting, critical and unforgiving. Then we have the Nine of Cups beside the Eight of Swords. The Nine of Cups is a card of wish fulfillment, joy and happiness whereas the Eight of Swords is about entrapment and fear. Which way do we want to go? Now that we have achieved our goal and prosper (Ten of Coins) that we set at the beginning of the year when we planted the new seed in the Ace of Coins, we can choose to open our hearts and forgive the incident of the Tower, or we can choose to harden our hearts as in the case of the Knight of Swords. In making this choice, we choose between the Joy of the Nine of Cups, or we choose the entrapment of bitterness in the Eight of Swords.



Just choosing one more card to aid us in this dilemma, the card that arises is the Ace of Cups. The advice of the Tarot of Course is to choose the path of love.

Blessings in the New Year!



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