Tarot and Stones for January 30, 2014

Greetings all! I hope you had a good week.


Today we have a reading for someone experiencing conflict within their love relationship.




In the top row we see the King of Cups, the Ten of Cups and the Two of Cups. At first glance, this row seems to indicate that things are humming along just fine. We have a romantic man, in touch with his softer side, we see the Ten of Cups, a card about fulfillment. However, in the second row we see the Five of Swords and the Queen of Wands. The Five of Swords is a card of conflict. Often it indicates discord and selfish behavior. Things just may not be what they seem to be on the surface. In this deck, the keyword for the Queen of Wands is “Illumination”. Perhaps this is an indication that something will come to light regarding this undercurrent of dissatisfaction. The Queen of Wands embodies the “feeling” aspect of the suit. Do you feel confident? Do you have the courage to face the reality of the situation? At the bottom, we have the Knight of Swords. The keyword in this deck for this Knight is Change. If you really want things to change, you must find that Courage embodied by the Queen of Wands. This Knight holds the sword of truth and he uses it to “cut through the crap”.


Drawing another card, just for some clarification, we have The Web. In traditional decks, this card is synonymous with Justice. This card is a reminder that all things are interconnected. This “bad behavior” in the Five of Swords” will have far reaching effects. Well, to be forewarned is to be forearmed! If you are the perpetrator of this Five of Swords, it’s time to come clean, if you are on the receiving end, you might be in for a bit of a shock, but it’s better to know the truth.



Sorry all, I think I’m going to leave the stones for today. I have added mores stones to my collection. In particular I added some to represent the rest of the planets and I’ve added a few more “divinatory” stones that have meaning for me. As a result, I’m needing a larger cloth. Hopefully I will have either made my own or found and purchased one by next Friday. I’m looking forward to working with my new expanded collection!


Weekend Tarot and Stones for January 23, 2015

Greetings everyone! Sorry I missed last week. Busy weekend! I’m back today with a new Tarot deck! This is the lovely Sacred Circle deck with images by Paul Mason. This beautiful deck draws on the sacred sites and Pagan heritage of Britain and Ireland. I am very much looking forward to becoming more familiar with it.



Today we seem to have a reading that is for someone who is working hard to become perhaps not only a master at his craft, but the master of his life.


In the top row we have the Eight of Discs, the Knight of Discs and the Druid. Discs correspond to coins or pentacles in traditional decks. The Eight of Discs in traditional decks is symbolized by a craftsman hard at work at his art. In this deck there are seven discs in which a labyrinth has been carved onto the face. The eight disc is left uncarved. The Labyrinth is  a symbol of self-discovery. We move through our lives, come to the center discover ourselves take what we have learned and follow the path out again. The eight disc symbolizes that we still have life lessons to learn. This card is symbolic of moving onto that next learning experience.  In this card we see someone who is perhaps looking for a career change in midlife. The keyword at the top of this card is “Skill”, the blank disc symbolizes that it’s time to work on some new skills. The Knight of Discs symbolizes that practical, hard working person who is willing to work hard at being successful at this new chosen path. The Druid in this deck is a combination of two traditional cards the Magician, who is often depicted at the cross roads with all the tools of the trade laid out in front of him, and the Hierophant who is the teacher / guide. This card tells you many things. First, that you have this choice to make in which direction you wish your life to go and second, you have all the tools you need to make that choice and to succeed in your endeavor. This card may also symbolize that in order to follow this new path you will need a teacher or a guide to show you the ropes. Perhaps it is time for some further education courses.


In the middle row we see the Two of Discs. This is a card about keeping all things in balance. Following this new path will mean being able to be flexible, and being able to shift your weight and keep things balanced between home / career / new classes. The Keyword at the top of this card is appropriate, Fluctuation. You will need to be able to “fluctuate” between all your given roles / duties in order to make this work. The Four of Cups is one of those cards with multiple meanings. In this deck, the keyword you see at the top of the card is “Discontent”. Perhaps you are needing to make these changes because you really aren’t content with the way things are now. This card also often depicts a person sitting at the bottom of a tree gazing into space in deep thought. Take the time to contemplate your course of action and plan it out, then take action. This is what the King of Wands on the bottom is all about.


This king is strong and charismatic and decisive and energetic. Once you have figured out how you are going to keep on top of everything (two of discs and Four of Cups), you need to take control and just get out there and DO it.



Jan 23 2015

In the stones today we have a lot of “stuff” coming at us! In the top left grouping we have the expansiveness of the Jupiter stone and the warm and bright Sun stone mixed in with the stones of Life, Home, and Venus. Things on the home front are expansive and positive! The Jupiter stone is right under the Life stone and Home stone indicating that life will pretty much revolve around busyness on the ome front. The Sun Stone beside the Venus stone in this grouping may also indicate that you may be having some fun with redecorating the home or using your artistic talents to make your home not just comfortable but a beautiful and inspiring place to be!

The grouping on the dark half of the ying yang symbol is the Love stone, Saturn, and the Luck stone. While things may be looking positive on the home front, it doesn’t look so great in the Love department. “Unlucky in Love” is the term that comes to mind here.  Down at the bottom we have the Mars stone and the Chinese writing rock and they seem to be moving in the direction of that Love/Saturn/Luck grouping. You may be getting some news in the love department that is not so pleasant.

On the light half of the ying /yang we have the Mercury stone. Mercury symbolizing communication, and quickness, and clear thinking. Being that this is the only stone in the “conscious” section of the symbol, I’d say all you know right now is that things are busy! Perhaps you are just too busy right now to even think about that undercurrent stuff in the love department to notice that a problem is even brewing. In that top right section you have the moon with her gentle influences tugging at you. Just remember that this is all a phase and that all of this will also pass. Try to get “out of your head” a little bit so that you have more awareness of what is going on around you so that you are better prepared when this love life situation comes to the fore front.  Down at the bottom we have the Magic stone. This stone is supposed to indicate the most important area of the stone toss with it’s proximity. Like last time though we see this stone is alone at the bottom. The feeling I get from this however is not that it is isolated but that it is influencing ALL of the reading. At this time, there is not one thing that is more important than the other. It is ALL important and it ALL requires your attention. So try not to be so influenced by that busyness of Mercury that you miss out what is going on “behind the scenes”.




Weekend Tarot and Stones for January 9, 2015

Greetings everyone!


I hope everyone is having a good start to the New Year! Today we have a reading that works in well with new beginnings and fresh starts!







In the top row we have the Four of Swords, the King of Wands and the Magician. The Four of Swords is generally a card about taking a rest or recovering and recuperating. It seems that the break is over and it is time again to done the mantle of leadership.  The King of Wands tells you to BE strong and charismatic and the Magician is there to remind you that you have the power to create your world around you. You just have to tap into that power. Often, the Magician is also about making choices. In many decks he is depicted standing at a crossroads surrounded by his tools of the trade (which are also the aces of each of the tarot suits).  Choices and decisions must be made and you have the tools to get the job done. This is one of those life changing, course setting decisions. You have the power, now what are you going to do with it?

Once you have chosen the path, things start to move quickly, as indicated in the Eight of Wands. This card often symbolizes lots of communication and planning going on possibly in the form of telephone calls and emails. The Death Card next to this indicates that this is a time of significant transition. One part of your life is coming to an end, but with endings there are also new beginnings. The Nine of Cups at the bottom indicates that this transition will result in much joy and fulfillment!




Our stones today are looking very positive! Inside the ying yang, on the light sight, we have the Home stone (Moss Agate), The Love stone (Rose Quartz), the Life stone (Carnelian) and in between the dark and light half we have the Venus stone (Aventurine, Love, beauty, artistic endeavors). Things are looking happy and content on the home front. Moving from the dark half to the light half we see the Sun stone (Tiger’s eye) and the News stone (Chinese writing rock). It looks like some good news is on it’s way!

Up at the top we see a line formation of Fortune or Luck (turquoise), Jupiter (Sodalite, ) which indicates Very expansive, good fortune, growth and opportunity and right below it, the Saturn stone, which indicates MIS fortune, or slow movement, restriction, and it also symbolizes fear. All are in a line heading for the Moss agate “home” stone. Come in from the other direction to join this line is Mercury (Hematite), which indicates communication, learning, travel.

This looks to me like some good stuff is headed towards the home front in the form of new learning and money and career opportunities. Combine this with the Chinese writing rock and the sun stone, it looks like good news, (maybe in the form of a job offer?) The Expansion, good fortune of Jupiter and the Restriction of Saturn may indicate some ambivalence or even maybe some fear of these changes but ultimately, with the luck and wealth of the Luck/ Turquoise and the learning and communication of the Mercury moving in, this cancels out those negative feelings of Saturn. It just means there might be a few bumps and bruises along the way, or that there is some waiting for the ultimate decision that is difficult to bear.

On the far right or on the West side, we have the Mars stone. Days of struggle are coming to an end. At the far left is the Moon stone which indicates that with all of these changes there will be a new realization and understanding of feelings and emotions.

On the bottom is the Magic stone (Apache tear). The magic stone indicates the most prominent or important aspect of the reading depending upon the stone it lies closest to. In this case, it is alone at the south end of the reading cloth. This feels like a “foundation” to me, being that it is at the bottom of the reading, all other stones are supported and influenced by it. Like the Magician and the Death card in the Tarot reading, it feels like this is a time of change, and transition, when life decisions are being made that will change the course of destiny. Just for some clarity, I threw a Tarot card down beside the Magic stone and this is the Knight of Cups. Emotions may be running high, and there may be some wavering between various emotions. The best course of action is to try your best to remain grounded, and clear headed.


Blessings and best of luck!



Weekend Tarot and Stones for January 2, 2015


Greetings all! I hope you found yesterday’s New Year’s reading interesting!








This weekend it looks like we are going to take some time off to reconnect with our spiritual path. On the top row we have the Faith card. In traditional decks, this is the Hierophant, or the Pope.  He stands for established religious paths or traditional institutions or this card can represent a leader / helper figure such as a minister, doctor, or teacher. Whether this is church, or counsellor, this person or group / institution will give you something to contemplate over which is what we see in the Four of Cups. Perhaps this contemplation is a counting of blessings that is demonstrated in the Ten of Coins.

Directly under the Faith card, we have the King of Wands, and beside him, the Two of Coins. Strong leadership has been required in order to keep everything in balance. The Eight of Wands at the bottom indicates that the time for contemplation (Four of Cups) is coming to a swift end and the time for action is now. Often this action takes the form of swift communication and putting plans into motion. Things will move along quickly now.


I am excited today to add my first stone reading to the weekly posts. I began exploring Lithomancy some time ago, assembled a wonderful set of stones but for my own reasons set them aside. I’m feeling now is the time to begin to explore them in earnest. The scarf I used as a cloth once belonged to my grandmother. In the center is a yin yang symbol which lends itself very well to the purpose I am using it for.

January 2, 2015

On the “light side” of the symbol we have a Red Jasper which represents Mars, and a Rose Quartz which symbolizes Love. The “light” side of the symbol represents those things that are happening “in the foreground” so to speak. Things that we are consciously working on at the moment. Stones in the “Dark” side are unconscious, or things that influence, will have influence or are up and coming issues.

When examining the stones, each one symbolizes either a planet or a “Fortune” stone. Planet stones are indicator stones bringing the energy of their associated planet (like in astrology) to whatever stone they are next to.

Basically, the stones are held in two hands and released over the cloth, their placement on the cloth and configuration and groupings are examined to bring forth and interpretation of the “spread” of the stones.

Let’s take a look at our first toss:

Mars and Love so close together, being the only stones on the light side, indicate to me that there are struggles relationship wise. There is turbulence in the way of anger and arguments.

Below and to the left is the Chinese writing rock which symbolizes communication. Being that Communication is on the dark side it seems to me that in this relationship there is a need for more clear communication. To the left of the Writing Rock is the Carnelian which is the “life” stone, it also is very symbolic of sexuality. Perhaps there has not been enough communication in this relationship about where things are standing in the bedroom. Down at the very bottom is the Tiger’s Eye which symbolizes the influence of the Sun. In order to bring these issues out from the dark side you need to “shed light on them” so to speak.

This theme of communication regarding love relationships is echoed again in the stones up and to the left. The green Aventurine is the Venus Stone and the Hematite just below and slightly to the right represents Mercury. Venus of course is the goddess and planet symbolizing love and beauty and Mercury is the god of communication. At the top of the circle we have the Apache Tear. This is the “magic” stone and it indicates the most important aspect of the reading. It forms as the bottom point of a triangle with the Milky Quartz representing the Moon on the left and the Moss Agate, which is the “hearth and home” stone on the right. These issues play a large part of what is going on with the love relationship in the center of the reading. The Moon often represents feminine issues and if I mix this up with the “home” of the Moss Agate, I’m inclined to say that stress in the way of feminine issues (maybe hormonal / life changes), and stress in the home is playing a large part of the relationship difficulties.

Just above and to the right of the Rose Quartz is the Turquoise. This stone symbolizes the influence of luck. Turquoise also is a symbol for wealth. This may indicate that some of the arguments / issues are about money. At least these issues are out in the open and being talked about. At the top, way above the turquoise is Jet, which symbolizes Saturn. Saturn is about restriction and misfortune, and this is an “indicator stone”, meaning that the stone it is close to indicates misfortune in that area. As it is far away from the wealth of the Turquoise I think there is more worry and fear about money than it actually being a current /immediate problem.

Way at the top on the other side above the “moon” stone is a piece of Sodalite that represents Jupiter. Jupiter is also an indicator stone, meaning that the stone that it is closest to is an important area to examine. It is closest to the Moon which tells me that “female” issues need to be examined. (Perhaps a change in hormones are at the bottom of some of this “unspoken” relationship issue?)


Hope this has been helpful.





New Year Reading for 2015

Happy New Year, all!

I asked the Tarot this morning to just give us a general overview of what the year has in store for us. It looks like it won’t be without its challenges!

I’ve split the year into thirds. The bottom row we can consider the beginning of the year, the middle row the middle of the year and the top row the end of the year.





In the bottom row we see the Six of Wands, the Knight of Cups, the Three of Wands, the Tower, and the Ace of Coins. Here we start the year in pride and confidence, and not with a small amount of romanticism as we see in the Knight of Cups who is an incurable romantic. In the three of wands we take on new goals and new ventures and we wait with optimism. We try to plan ahead, but the Tower in this row is a warning that great plans may be laid to waste if we don’t build a strong foundation that we see we need in the Ace of Coins. We have the great vision of the Three of wands, and we want so badly to forge ahead and be victorious, like that knight in the Six of Wands, but we must take the warning of the Knight of cups, we should not see things through the rose colored glasses of that Knight. We must be practical, and we must keep things in balance. This is where we move into the second row with Temperance.

When things don’t go as planned, as we have with the Tower, we at least see things now more clearly and realize that we must move more slowly and deliberately with more caution and temperance. So we begin again, with the Fool. In the center we see the Seven of Swords. The Seven of Swords is the “thief” card. I believe in this reading he is warning to move more cautiously. This card often means that there is a need for diplomacy. We learned our lesson from the Tower and now perhaps after being burned, we have learned to be more careful. This is echoed in the Hermit who carries the light of knowledge and symbolizes wisdom. He also represents a period of quiet contemplation before taking action. The last card in this row is Justice. This is an echo of the first card in regards to balance. With Justice there is a decision that is made and all sides must be examined before coming to a conclusion. The Hermit is a reminder to take that time to examine and contemplate before coming to that decision.

If we do this, we can build that security that we now see in the Ten of Coins in the top row. So in the beginning of the year, we have that need to build a foundation with the Ace of Coins and in the Top row we achieve that foundation and sense of security in the Ten of Coins. It seems at this point we have a choice as to how to proceed. We have a series of opposing cards. We have the Page of Cups who represents love and open hearted forgiveness beside the Knight of Swords who has a tendency to leave emotions behind and be cutting, critical and unforgiving. Then we have the Nine of Cups beside the Eight of Swords. The Nine of Cups is a card of wish fulfillment, joy and happiness whereas the Eight of Swords is about entrapment and fear. Which way do we want to go? Now that we have achieved our goal and prosper (Ten of Coins) that we set at the beginning of the year when we planted the new seed in the Ace of Coins, we can choose to open our hearts and forgive the incident of the Tower, or we can choose to harden our hearts as in the case of the Knight of Swords. In making this choice, we choose between the Joy of the Nine of Cups, or we choose the entrapment of bitterness in the Eight of Swords.



Just choosing one more card to aid us in this dilemma, the card that arises is the Ace of Cups. The advice of the Tarot of Course is to choose the path of love.

Blessings in the New Year!