Weekend Spread for December 19, 2014






Wow. Ok. Interesting reading today.

In the top row we have the High Priestess, the Six of Swords, and the Four of Swords. This is a row about gaining wisdom from facing the darkness. The Six of Swords often indicates depression. The Four of Swords is about recovery. In order to gain the Wisdom indicated by the owl and the scroll of the High Priestess, you can’t run away from your problems, which seems to be indicated in that Six of swords right beside it. That thief in the Seven of Swords underneath reinforces that feeling in this reading of wanting to run away, or not face problems. This is echoed again in the Seven of Cups which is often about confusion. That Seven also indicates that there are many choices available and that you need to consider carefully before making a choice. Right beside that Seven of Sword there is a warning there that you may not be considering the high road. The Seven of Swords is often a signal as well that there is an element of dishonesty. Someone may be acting in a way that is not entirely with integrity. Some key words also for that Seven are “lone wolf”. It also may indicate someone who wants to go it on their own. This meaning is also reinforced by the Eight of Cups on the bottom which is about saying goodbye, and leaving things behind. Again, however, running away from your demons isn’t the answer….






2 thoughts on “Weekend Spread for December 19, 2014

  1. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the Four, Six, and Seven of Swords in the same reading. If they were all in the same row, think I’d cancel my plans for the weekend.

    I always associate the Six of Swords with the barge of queens taking the mortally wounded Arthur to Avalon.

    • geekyg1rl says:

      Hi you! So good to “see” you! I associate it with the Avalon Barge too. Particularly in this deck. It has a very Avalonian feel to it.

      Yes a fascinating reading…

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