Weekend Spread for December 12, 2014

Greetings all! I don’t know about all of you, but it’s been a crazy fricken week of insanity for me!





Today we have a reading about sudden change, the emotions around it and recuperating from it.

In the top row we have the Six of Swords. The Six of Swords is a card with multiple layers of meaning (like so many of them!) It’s about movement from one place to another either emotionally or physically. We leave one situation in the hopes of something better. We need that light of hope to guide our way through the murky darkness. What I like about this card in the Legacy of the Tarot deck, is that the woman is standing at the front of the barge gazing with anticipation at the shores of possibility in front of her. This card is also often an indication of depression. Whether we are moving through emotional murkiness or situational or physical murkiness, It’s time to move on and look forward.

The next card is the Two of Coins. This card is exactly what it looks like. We’ve been doing a highwire act, trying desperately to juggle things and keep it all in motion. This is hard to do if we are dealing with emotional murkiness and depression as indicated in the Six of Swords. The Four of Cups beside it confirms that there is a feeling of ambivalence about the whole situation. It’s also a card about taking time to think and contemplate. The cup hidden in the tree represents the hidden gift in the struggle. Sometimes that is hard to see when we are “in the thick of it”, as we seem to be with all of the juggling and trying to keep things running while suffering the emotional fog of the Six of Swords, but it is there if we take the time to look for it.

The Knight of Cups indicates a great deal of emotion around the issue. Water is symbolic of the emotions and the waves are tumultuous around the helmet in the center of the illustration. The creatures under the water may also represent hidden emotions or subconscious “monsters” that need to be dealt with as well. There may be more issues that rise to the surface before all of this is said and done. When the Knight of Cups shows up there is a caution that we need to take make some effort perhaps to deal with the depths of these emotions so that we can think more clearly.

The Tower is really the card that is at the heart of this reading. It’s like having the rug pulled out from under you. Everything is shaken up. This is not the gentle change of transition, but the ground shaking, earth shattering change of sudden insight. It causes a total reconstruction of all that we knew before. Things will never be the same!

At the bottom of the spread we have the Four of Wands. This is a card about finding save haven in times of difficulty. If you look at the surrounding landscape of the card, all is a wasteland except for this little piece of Brigadoon in the center. The light at the top of the card again indicates hope and clarity. Find that sacred center, and look for that light. There is a sense of growth and prosperity out of tragedy about this card. Things are going to be ok.

Hope this helps.




2 thoughts on “Weekend Spread for December 12, 2014

  1. chief pixie says:

    Thank you Maria for your insight. I always enjoy reading your interpretation of the cards. Sometimes, I know it’s not a reading for me but your insight is always appreciated. Today, I feel like this one is screaming at me. Just not able to see any “gift” yet. Thank you again for sharing your gift. 🙂

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