Weekend Spread for December 5, 2014

Greetings all!




I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! I know we did! Sorry I’m late today with the reading. I’ve been happily busy with company from home!

Today we have yet another reading for someone who is moving for career reasons.

In the top row we have the Death Card, the Eight of Wands and the Knight of Wands. Death as I’ve said before is about going through major transitions. It’s about leaving old things behind so that you can start a new cycle. This is most appropriate as we come closer to bringing 2014 to a close! (Where did the year go?) The Eight of Wands is about fast movement, and is often about communication, when I combine this card of transition, with the card of fast movement and then the Knight of Wands shows up it really says to me that a major life transition is occurring. You may be in the process of negotiations with a new employer now before making that big physical move.

In the middle row we have the Ten of Coins and Strength. This move will bring financial security. The Strength card there says you have the fortitude to see this through to the end. The Three of Coins on the bottom looks to me like a successful transition into that new position.

Good Luck!




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