Weekend Spread for November 21, 2014

Greetings all!


Today we have a message for someone who is making a big career move, and possibly moving to a new home location.

In the top row we have the Chariot, The Ace of Coins, and the Page of Wands.


The Chariot is about movement. It’s about action and “hard control”, keeping things going, with authority, self-confidence and strength of will. The Ace of Coins is about creating something new in the area of physical security and prosperity. It’s the seed with lots of potential. It’s about proceeding with trust and remaining grounded. The Page of Wands is about being courageous, and having confidence and proceeding with faith. This top row is about having will, trust, faith and courage.


Because the chariot is also about movement, and can also indicate actual movement from one place to another and it’s right over that Ten of Cups, which is about happiness, and contentment in hearth and home, and the Ace of Coins which is about starting something new, I get the feeling this may be a message for someone who is actually moving to a new home. The three of coins indicates that this movement is for work, perhaps starting a new job and you are being brought on because of your expertise in the field.


The Empress at the bottom along with that Ten of Cups indicates that this move will be fruitful and fullfilling for you! Best of luck on your new path!






Big Weekend

Greetings all! Got a big weekend coming up! There will be no posting tomorrow! I promise to get something up next week!


Blessings all!



Weekend Spread for November 7, 2014


Sorry I’m running a bit late today. Lots to do this morning!

Today we have a reading for someone who’s been riding just a little too high on their horse!


Things were looking pretty good! On top of the world even!  HOWEVER with pride comes the fall! In the top row we have the World, The Six of Wands and the Ace of Swords. In the World and The Six of Wands we see this very proud fellow, thinking “woo hoo! I’m rockin!” Then out comes the big sword of Truth with a capital T and suddenly our friend has fallen from grace!


See the mirror and the hour glass under hour Hanging man? Time to take a really good, hard look at yourself in that mirror! You are going to have to make some sacrifices to fix this!


The Magician is there to tell you, my friend, that you make your own world. You have the power to choose which road you are going to take, and you also have the power to make it right, you just need to apply yourself so get down to work! That King of Swords at the bottom, he’s about truth and justice and strong, no nonsense leadership. He is there to make certain that you stick to the program so you’d better get crackin!