Weekend Spread October 24, 2014

When I do a reading for this blog I never ask for specifics. I simply ask for the message that needs to get out there and trust that whoever receives it gets what they need. Today the Tarot gives us a reading for shocked and grieving Canadians.

I am feeling my way around this new Oracle Deck and on occasion needing to look at the booklet that came with it. The key words for these cards basically say it all.


On the top for we have the Three of Swords, The “One Torn Asunder” (hanging man) and the Enchantress of Coins.



The Three of swords, most often illustrated in traditional decks as a heart with three swords through it is fairly self-explanatory in its meaning. Loss and grief, and sometimes it also stands for betrayal and treachery. The keywords for this deck are: sorrow, lamentation, healing process, grieving, heartbreak, separation, catharsis, and transformation. Beside this, we have “The One Torn Asunder”. The card depicts Orpheus as a sacrificial figure after having been “torn asunder” by Roman Bacchanites. (Known for their religious fervency and mania, they are described as a “secretive, subversive and potentially revolutionary counter-culture”…  No explanation required here I think….) The third card on top is the Enchantress of Coins, who is equivalent in traditional decks with the Queen of Pentacles. When Queens show up they tell us to embody and FEEL the aspects of the suit. Her keywords are Cornucopia, Prosperity, Poise, Grace, Majestic, Embodiment, Communion, and Invocation. She is a reminder to all about the value of gratitude and dignity. Not only that, this woman is not just praying, she’s invoking! She’s made the call and boy does she get an answer!


What I find interesting too is that the very next card is the Empress. Here we have a theme of Sovereignty. Queens and Empresses represent bounty but they are also representative of the Land, and the Sovereignty of the Land. Pictured in the Empress is the Warrior Queen Zenobia. “She skillfully wielded political, military and civic power, ruling nations, rallying allies, commanding armies, and inspiring loyalty.” She was known for her “grace, cunning and patience”. Her keywords are: Sovereign, Leadership, Determined, Skilled, Nobility, Counselor, and Liberty. (I feel compelled to mention, this interesting and unusual deck has TWO Empress cards. In this case it was the Warrior / Sovereignty Empress who makes an appearance, not the Venus / Fertility Empress.

Next we have the Six of Coins. This card is often about having resources, and power and support. This deck depicts a band of maenads (Bacchanites) being shielded and protected from Roman Soldiers of Phocis by the Amphissa who were two cities at war. This card really makes me go “hm”.

Seven of Wands

On the bottom we have the Seven of Wands. This card is all about taking a stand and holding your ground. It’s about standing up for what you believe in and holding your position regardless of how many obstacles you may face or how many may be against you. In this deck, this is symbolized by Penelope who is fending off suitors while waiting for Odysseus to return home. This is interesting on so many levels. One, because she is using wits over might. Another thing that strikes me again is that we have here again a Queen of Sovereignty. These suitors don’t just want her because she is beautiful, they want her because she represents the Sovereignty of the land. Here we have two Queens who are known for being “cunning”.

Here is what this reading says to me. There were more people involved in this incident in Ottawa (as suspected) and they are being shielded. The Empress and The Seven of Wands show the determination to root them out.


Throwing more cards we have the Fool (Orpheus emerging unsuccessful from the underworld), the Ten of Swords ( Icarus who flew to close to the sun ) and The Ace of Swords ( Another Queen of Sovereignty, Cleopatra, critical thinking, decisive action, sword of justice).
Just LOOK at the resolve in the face of this Queen! They aren’t going to get away with it.


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