Weekend Spread for October 3, 2014

October 3, 2014


Greetings all!

I’m using my new Oracle of Delphi deck again, which means taking my own photos and cropping etc. More time consuming but worth it!



In the top row we have the Artisan of Swords, the Ace of Coins, and the Threads of Fate. The artisan of Swords is an expert in the field and in this case an expert in the use of the qualities of the suit of swords. This represents clarity of thinking, being able to get your point across without becoming emotional so you are concise and to the point and you don’t let what others do or think bother you. The Ace of Coins represents the beginning of something new, and it also represents being practical and stable which is a good combination with that Artisan of Swords. Beside this is the Threads of Fate, which is equivalent in traditional decks with the Wheel of Fortune. If you are practical and clear headed you are able to deal with those ups and downs that life throws you.




In the middle row we have the Enchantress of Coins, and the Five of Cups. The Enchantresses are similar to the Kings in the traditional deck. They are almost a combination of Queens and Kings in that they embody the aspects of the element they represent but like the Kings, they are active in manifesting those aspects as well. The Enchantress of Coins is the embodiment of prosperity, stability and abundance and she also invokes those aspects and brings them consciously into her life. The Five of Cups is about loss, regret and sadness. Sometimes the change we see in the Wheel, or the Threads of Fate, mean leaving some things or people behind. It may be that there are choices we’ve made that we aren’t happy about, but to achieve that wholeness and to invoke the blessings that we see in the Enchantress of coins, we sometimes need to let go of certain aspects of our life so that we can move forward. In traditional decks, this card pictures five cups on the ground. Three are spilt and two are still upright. This is a reminder that even through sometimes things look really bad, there may be some good still left, it’s just that when we are in the middle of it all that we can’t see it yet.

The Moon

On the bottom we have The Moon. The Moon is one of those difficult cards to interpret as it can represent so many things. In this case, because we have the Threads of Fate on top, which is about cycles, I believe the Moon is reinforcing this. All things move in cycles and sometimes, as with trying to make our way in the moonlight, we can’t quite see what’s really going on so we have to move through our fear and trust that eventually we’ll see the whole picture.


Blessings all!




2 thoughts on “Weekend Spread for October 3, 2014

  1. The artwork is simply gorgeous. But I find the images give me a lot less to hang on to. How are you finding giving readings with the deck?

    • geekyg1rl says:

      I know what you mean. I love the classical works, but it is harder to read from this deck because the symbolism is subtle. I do a lot of contemplating upon why the creator of the deck chose a particular painting to represent the energy of that card. Like I said. Its very subtle.

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