Weekend Spread for September 26, 2014

Greetings all! Sorry I missed last week. Just one of those days!

I have two great pieces of news!

  1. I have a brand new deck to explore. So new in fact, that it was just published and I got one of the very first copies! It’s the Oracle of Delphi deck based on great works of art from classical painters (one of whom I am proud to say is an ancestor!)
  2. I will soon be in a position in which I can resume daily posts! Yea!


So,  this is a new deck, which means there are no photos available on the internet and I am taking photos and uploading them and cropping and all of that stuff. It’s quite time consuming so honestly, they will not be perfect, but hopefully, they will be good enough that you will see their beauty. This deck is a little bit different than traditional decks. I believe this is in an effort to make it more balanced in the masculine and feminine energies of the Major Arcana and the Royal Families.


In the top row we have the Hero of Swords, the Two of Swords and the Nine of Coins,


In the center row, we have the Nine of Cups and the Enchantress of Cups


On the bottom we have the Five of Wands.

Five of Wands

I’m under the impression that this is a reading for an accomplished person facing a decision. She/he has worked hard for success and accomplished her goals, and is now in a position in her life that she wants to share that accomplishment with someone. The Hero of Swords (Knight of Swords) says there is a need for clear thinking. He is intelligent and quick. It is interesting that this is beside the Two of Swords however because sometimes this Hero (Knight) can indicate chaotic energy as well. (In one of my decks it is symbolized by the Gemini Twins… chaotic energy.)  This is a reminder to slow down and think. The Two of Swords symbolizes being stuck in the middle. It may be a decision that has to be made and you are at a stalemate. In this deck, the Two of Swords is The Tragic Poetess… she contemplates her situation and her choices as the clouds gather behind her. Where the Knight of Swords is about taking fast action, you need to consider the consequences of those  actions.

With that, we will move down to the Enchantress of Cups. She may symbolize also a warning about consequences of action. This is Circe. In her anger, and loss of control of her emotions she is overwhelmed by them, and without thinking of the consequences of her actions, she poisons the sea to get revenge on her enemies. Don’t do something that you might regret later.

The Five of Wands often symbolizes conflict, and squabbles, confusion and misunderstandings. What I like about this deck is that it’s symbolized by the “Battledore”. A painting of a girl with a racquet and shuttlecock, preparing to play Battledore, the original badminton. The trick here to not be overwhelmed by the emotional element is to think of this challenge as a game. It is a battle of wits, and strength and speed. Keep a cool head and you will play it well. Let the whole situation overwhelm you and you won’t.

Let the games begin!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Spread for September 26, 2014

  1. Very powerful deck. Look forward to seeing more.

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