Weekend Spread for September 5, 2014


Greetings all! I hope you all had a nice Labour Day weekend! One last summer Hurrah!


Today we have a reading for someone who is starting on a new path (appropriate for the beginning the cycle of the new school year!). In the top row we have the Knight of Coins, the Ten of Cups, and the Fool.


The Knight of Coins is a very stable and practical fellow. Right beside the Ten of Cups, it looks like things at home are relatively stable and content. These two cards together along with the Fool says maybe now that things have settled, it’s time to start looking at doing something new. Particularly if you are looking towards the future. The Ten of Cups often indicates long term happiness. As I’ve stated before. Knights indicate movement one way or the other. This Knight is all about stability but sometimes he can be stuck in a rut as well. The Fool says it’s time to start something new, and if you want that long term contentedness in the Ten, you will probably choose the practical path of the Knight of Coins… cause that’s just who you are!


In the middle row we have the Nine of Wands and the Four of Swords. No one said it was going to be easy. This new direction will be exhausting. Throwing another card on top of these, we have the Strength card. You have the inner strength and determination to get through.


On the bottom we see the Magician. The Magician symbolizes inner power, the power of choice to make things happen in your life. Power is having the knowledge you require, and also being able to obtain more (see all the books in the background) in order to actively determine which direction your life will take. The magician is about having the tools you need and having the knowledge and wisdom about how to apply those tools.


Throwing more cards we have the Nine of Swords, the Queen of Swords, and the Sun.


The Nine is often a card about taking a journey. This can by physical or symbolic. The journey is made with the hopes of moving towards something better. This journey is moving you towards the Queen of Swords. When you are finished this journey you will embody those qualities that the Queen embodies. She is educated, wise, knowledgeable, smart and not without a little bit of sass! She’s been around the block and doesn’t let life kick her around! The Sun is the ultimate card of success! This journey is an undertaking that will test you to your limits but you’re strong and powerful and smart! (Strength, Magician, Queen of Swords.) You will succeed at obtaining your goal!






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