August 15, 2014

Greetings all! I hope you had a blessed week!





Looking at our reading today it looks like we are doing some reminiscing of days gone by. In the top row we have the Six of Cups in center which is about remembering the past, the Three of Swords on one side and the Six of Wands on the other, there were sad times, but there were times of celebration as well.

The Knight of Wands right after that Six of Wands may indicate that a need to move away from the situation that is causing pain for one’s own well being and self-esteem. Especially if you are like the Queen of Cups and are very emotionally involved and perhaps feeling overwhelmed by it all. The Knight of Wands represents a bold move, and sometimes it may even take the form of physically moving  to a new address or town. What also strikes me about this reading is the Knight of Wands and the Queen of Cups are “opposites” fire and water… he is bold but also careless and impulsive, she is nurturing and tender hearted, but we know what happens with fire and water…

The Four of Cups on the bottom represents there may be some ambivalence about this change.  Just take some time out to contemplate and remember that often there is a gift hidden in the situation that we just cannot see at the moment because we are so mired in our “muck”. Someday, down the road, when time gives you a bit more perspective, you will come to a better understanding of that gift.


In the mean time, pulling the Judgement card… it’s time to forgive, move on, and get a fresh start.







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