Weekend Spread for August 1, 2014

Greetings all! I can’t believe that July 2014 is already past! Where does the time go?





We have an interesting reading today. We start with what looks like  a gathering, or celebration of some kind in the Four of Wands. The Seven of Pentacles on the other side as we know, is about looking at what we have harvested for the year and taking an assessment. What has grown, what has not, what do we need to plant for next year? That Six of Coins in the middle is about taking some of that harvest and giving it to charity. Along with this Four of Wands, it looks like maybe someone is attending a charity event.

The Four of Coins in the center row is about miserliness. There may be some resistance to the giving, just for more information I threw another card on top of this and it’s the Knight of Coins.


Yup, he’s a stubborn fellow and sometimes his practicality means he can also be the kind of person who will dig their heels in. This person, or people, may not be quite so willing to part with any more of that hard earned money. That might not be such a bad thing though because that three of Wands is about looking at new ventures. Perhaps it’s time to look at some different avenues… maybe there is a need to rely less on charity and more on hard work, like that fellow on the bottom in the three of coins. If we are going to make the money grow… as what is symbolized in the number three (both of wands and of coins) maybe we need to earn it!

Blessings all!




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