August 15, 2014

Greetings all! I hope you had a blessed week!





Looking at our reading today it looks like we are doing some reminiscing of days gone by. In the top row we have the Six of Cups in center which is about remembering the past, the Three of Swords on one side and the Six of Wands on the other, there were sad times, but there were times of celebration as well.

The Knight of Wands right after that Six of Wands may indicate that a need to move away from the situation that is causing pain for one’s own well being and self-esteem. Especially if you are like the Queen of Cups and are very emotionally involved and perhaps feeling overwhelmed by it all. The Knight of Wands represents a bold move, and sometimes it may even take the form of physically moving  to a new address or town. What also strikes me about this reading is the Knight of Wands and the Queen of Cups are “opposites” fire and water… he is bold but also careless and impulsive, she is nurturing and tender hearted, but we know what happens with fire and water…

The Four of Cups on the bottom represents there may be some ambivalence about this change.  Just take some time out to contemplate and remember that often there is a gift hidden in the situation that we just cannot see at the moment because we are so mired in our “muck”. Someday, down the road, when time gives you a bit more perspective, you will come to a better understanding of that gift.


In the mean time, pulling the Judgement card… it’s time to forgive, move on, and get a fresh start.







Weekend Spread for August 8, 2014


Greetings all! I hope you all had a good week!

Today it seems we have a message that needs to get out there. For reasons which I will keep to myself, I re shuffled and redrew the cards twice and ended up with the same cards in the first row and more or less the same message in the next rows… so I guess this message needs to get out there!




In the first row we have the Ace of Wands, The Eight of Swords and the Two of Swords. The Ace of Wands is a card which is the embodiment of the Suit of Wands. It’s about courage, fortitude, creativity, and confidence. Aces indicate the beginning of something new.

The Eight of Swords is a card about feeling confused or powerless in a situation which makes us feel trapped. You may feel like there are lack of choices and with the Two of Swords beside this there is a feeling of being caught in the middle or being at an impasse. Not really sure which direction to take you stay tottering on the fence or you put on the blinders and pretend all is well, when it is not. The woman in the Eight of Swords is wearing a blindfold as well, perhaps there is a need to look at the truth. The ace of Wands is telling you that this will take courage.

The Two of Cups gives the impression that this reading is about a relationship. Perhaps there is some healing that needs to be done. The King of Swords is about justice, truth, clarity and ethics. When Kings show up they often tell you to ACT in the manner this king would act. This king puts his emotions aside in order to think clearly, and speak the truth. He can cut through the confusion and use truth and honesty to clear away the fog that is keeping you blind in the Eight and the Two.

The Star at the bottom indicates that if you can do this, if you can approach the situation with clarity and honesty and forthrightness, there is healing and hope.




Weekend Spread for August 1, 2014

Greetings all! I can’t believe that July 2014 is already past! Where does the time go?





We have an interesting reading today. We start with what looks like  a gathering, or celebration of some kind in the Four of Wands. The Seven of Pentacles on the other side as we know, is about looking at what we have harvested for the year and taking an assessment. What has grown, what has not, what do we need to plant for next year? That Six of Coins in the middle is about taking some of that harvest and giving it to charity. Along with this Four of Wands, it looks like maybe someone is attending a charity event.

The Four of Coins in the center row is about miserliness. There may be some resistance to the giving, just for more information I threw another card on top of this and it’s the Knight of Coins.


Yup, he’s a stubborn fellow and sometimes his practicality means he can also be the kind of person who will dig their heels in. This person, or people, may not be quite so willing to part with any more of that hard earned money. That might not be such a bad thing though because that three of Wands is about looking at new ventures. Perhaps it’s time to look at some different avenues… maybe there is a need to rely less on charity and more on hard work, like that fellow on the bottom in the three of coins. If we are going to make the money grow… as what is symbolized in the number three (both of wands and of coins) maybe we need to earn it!

Blessings all!