Weekend Spread for July 25, 2014

Weekend Spread for July 25, 2014




Greetings everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic week! Last week was about having courage and confidence in yourself. This week we have a spread that is very obviously for someone who is embarking upon a new love affair!

In the top row we have the Ace of Coins, the Queen of Cups and the Eight of Wands. The Ace of Coins is about building a new foundation and proceeding with trust. The Queen of Cups tells you to be in touch with your emotions, and your softer, more intuitive side. The Eight of Wands is about fast movement and communication.

In the middle row we have the Knight of Cups and the Ace of Cups, and then we have the Lovers at the bottom. It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Here we have the couple, the Knight of Cups and the Queen of Cups, both spilling over with emotion, the BIG LOVE card in the Ace of Cups, two aces which reinforce that something new is going on! The Ace of Coins which is like a seed taking sprout and the Ace of Cups which is that full heart overflowing with feelings and the Lovers at the bottom of it all.

The Eight of Wands indicates that there has been lots of communication back and forth, possibly flurries of texting or emails!

Love is definitely in the air!

Good luck, whoever you are!




Weekend Spread for July 18, 2014

Greetings everyone! I hope you had a good week!




Today the message is “have courage”! In the top row we have the Ace of Swords, Temperance, and the Six of Swords. There is an issue that is requiring clarity of thought. There is a fine line that is being walked here. You want to move forward out of this mess which means you need to be honest and truthful while at the same time you need to take a stand for yourself. (This is what we see in the Seven of Wands.) This is going to mean maintaining a delicate balance (Temperance).

This situation is causing more than its share of anxiety (Nine of Swords) and possibly some depression (Six of Swords).

The Ace of Wands tells you to have courage!


Pulling extra cards to see if we have a resolution to this issue, we have the Four of Cups, which tells you to take your time contemplating the situation. You may find something in there you didn’t see before. A Hidden gift.

The Seven of Cups which implies that once you’ve thought about it, you may actually see many options available to you but the Knight of Cups is reminding you that you need to keep your feet on the ground. Weed out the options that are too unrealistic or too fanciful.

The Judgement card lets you know that the situation will not last forever. There will be decisions and resolutions. They may be difficult, but try to see this as an opportunity to start again with a clean slate.




Weekend Spread for July 11, 2014

Weekend Spread for July 11, 2014


Greetings everyone! I’ve had a bit of a break and started a new job, and am now prepared to work my Tarot readings back into my new routine! I’ll begin with doing the weekend spread and we’ll see what happens after that!




Today we start with the King of Wands, the Four of Wands and the Ten of Cups.

When Kings show up, they can represent actual people or they can represent “concepts”. They are the active, outward principle of the suit. Kings tell you to act the part of the suit. Take creative, bold, action. He is a charismatic leader. The Four of Wands is about joy and celebration and the breaking free of the bonds that have held you. This king says you’ve done well! You’ve been successful and worked hard and now along with that Four of Wands and the Ten of Cups beside it I’d say it’s time to celebrate and enjoy your success! Relax a bit and take some time to savor all you have worked hard for.

Temperance and Justice at the bottom confirms this. You work hard, but you need to balance that with some time at home with good friends and family. See the Page of Wands there … he’s like that inner child of that King. He still holds that rod of power but now it’s time to play a little bit. That’s what the weekend is for!

Blessings all! And get some R and R this weekend!