Daily Tarot for June 18, 2014

Greetings all!

Back on Monday we had a reading about obsessing over not having enough and focusing on the material. Today this seems to be a continuation of that theme.




In the top row we have the Devil, the Six of Coins and the High Priestess. With the Devil and the Six of Coins together I’d say there is an obsession here over the issue of having and not having the resources you need whether that be in the areas of knowledge, power, or money.  The High Priestess can be a difficult card to interpret. She is about the mysteries in life. She is about trusting your inner guidance and represents that seed of hidden potential within. Sometimes you need to simply wait patiently and allow things to move at their own speed and take their own course.

The Two of Wands at the bottom represents personal power and achieving your goals, the key (see the key in the middle) to achieving those goals is in the middle row; communication (eight of wands) and love (Ace of Cups.) Keep your heart open, and keep the lines of communication open, and you will get the job done. (Three of Coins.)



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