Daily Tarot for June 17, 2014






Greetings all! Boy, this Eight of Swords has shown up A LOT lately hasn’t it? This seems to be at the crux of the whole situation. This feeling of restriction and powerlessness.

In the top row we have Temperance, The Ten of Cups, and the Queen of Cups.  Here we have a Queen who is kind, gentle, in touch with her emotions, and sensitive to the needs of others. The going has been rough, and she’s been holding things together with a strength of will, just putting one foot in front of the other. Along with the Eight of Cups there is this feeling of being caught between perseverance and just leaving it all behind. That’s why we see this entrapment in the Eight of Swords.

In the top row beside our sensitive queen, we have Temperance and the Ten of Cups. It’s time to just spend some time at home and take a break from that middle row.





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