Daily Tarot for June 16, 2014

Greetings everyone. I hope you had a good weekend.

We have a reading today that is quite involved. I needed to throw several more cards down for clarification as to what is going on.





In the top row we have the Chariot, The Two of Swords, and the Nine of Cups. The Chariot is about fast movement and trying to maintain control. See how the horses are two different colors and are moving quickly in two different directions? The Two of Swords we have seen quite often in the last while. It can mean feeling stuck in the middle, trying to avoid something by looking the other way or by closing our eyes to the situation. The Nine of Cups is known as the Wish card, basically it’s feeling satisfied because you’ve gotten what you wanted.

In the middle row we see the Justice card. We have seen this card together with the Two of Swords a few times and I’ve commented before on the blindfolds and the difference between the two. One is blind because there is a choice to avoid the situation and the other is blind because Justice works the way it works across the board over a grand scale. Whether you close your eyes or not, the reality of the situation exists and Justice will be had! It can’t be avoided! The Five of Wands is a card about struggles in the form of arguments and disagreements.

Down at the bottom we have the Devil who represents bondage or being enslaved to something. Interestingly, with the Two of Swords at the top it can also mean ignorance, or choosing to remain ignorant.

Throwing another card over the Devil, we have the Five of Coins.



As the Devil can also represent focusing on things material, there may be some of this going on here as the Five of Coins is about feeling the lack of something. Perhaps there is a fear of not having enough or an obsession with that feeling of not having enough.


Throwing another card over this is the Two of Pentacles representing trying to juggle things and keep them balanced. There is a real theme here of balance and trying to maintain balance and control and a fear of losing balance or control. We see it in the two horses of the Chariot, Two Swords, the Scales of Justice, and the Two of Coins.

Throwing another card over the Two of Coins we have the King of Coins. Perhaps we need the help of the expert in money.


Turning again to that middle row, we see Justice and the struggle of the Five of Wands. Again it looks like there is an argument about keeping things balanced. Throwing a card over these we have the King of Swords.


It seems we could also use the help of a clear headed arbiter to bring some clarity and sense to the situation.

I hope this has been helpful!




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