Daily Tarot for June 12, 2013






Greetings everyone. Sorry I missed yesterday, business mixed with computer difficulties… anyway…

Today we have a reading that is very much about having courage and self-confidence.

In the top row we have the Page of Wands, The Ace of Wands and Judgement.  The Pages and the Aces often represent something new happening and with the Wands that indicates creative projects or career. Judgement also represents newness in the way of fresh starts and new beginnings. In Judgement we shed the old and leave it behind to be reborn to new possibilities. It can also mean taking a stand and making hard choices. The Page tells you to have faith in yourself. Be confident and have that “can do” attitude! The Ace reinforces this. Have courage, be bold, know that it will all work out! The ace can also mean “take a stand”, and this is interesting because of what we see in the next row.

In the middle row we have the Seven of Wands which is about being assertive and acting out of conviction and standing up for what you believe in. The card beside it is the Seven of Swords which is very much in opposition to this. This card is about running away and shirking responsibilities. You may feel like you are torn between “going for it” and “turning tale and running”!  This just might be the nature of this hard decision that you may be facing in the Judgement card and you are agonizing over it in the Nine of Swords. So much so that it may be effecting your health. Another aspect of the Seven of Swords is the “lone wolf”. You may be feeling like you are going it alone in this, keeping others at an arms distance and wanting to take care of it by yourself.

Throwing more cards for more information we see the Knight of Swords. His message is to be direct and logical. The last card is the Nine of Pentacles. This card is about begin disciplined and taking a step by step approach in order to succeed. More than this it’s about self reliance and having made it on your own merit. This reinforces the message in the Seven of Swords about wanting to “to it yourself”.

In short, have confidence in yourself, be logical in your actions, follow a step by step process and have faith. You can do this!





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