Daily Tarot for June 10, 2014







Greetings all,

Our Queen of Wands is back! Today it looks like she has a decision to make. In the Justice card, she is weighing everything carefully. The Six of Swords often symbolizes movement from one place to another in hopes that things will improve. This can be emotionally or physically.

In the second row we have the Page of Cups and the Nine of Coins. ¬†With regard to this move you are considering, (Justice and the Six of Swords), the Page of Cups is there to tell you to listen to your intuition as you ponder your alternatives. (Seven of Coins is about taking stock of where you are now and where you want to be. What are your plans for the future?) Keep your heart open and listen to it’s guidance.

The Five of Pentacles indicates that you may experience setbacks and challenges, and may feel insecure and that you lack what you need to accomplish your goal. Pulling another card for more information we have the Three of Coins. This is the master at work. You have the skills it’s just going to take work. The Queen of Wands tells you to have courage and confidence in yourself. You can succeed with hard work! It’s nose to the grindstone time!






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