Daily Tarot for June 10, 2014




Wow! Just look at all those Major Arcana cards! First thing I want to say about this reading is that when we have loads of Major Arcana showing up it means big life changes, and some important lessons being learned.

It’s interesting how in the past few readings we’ve seen the Empress or the Queen of Rods at the center of the activity. Today we see the Knight of Wands. Knights can represent many things, they can represent people, and they can represent active aspects of their suit. The advice of the Knights is to take action but take it in the opposite way to what you normally would behave. For example, the Knight of Wands is known to act quickly, and sometimes impulsively. If  you normally are a quiet, slow moving, person who over deliberates before making a decision, then the message for you would be to take quick action. However, if you normally jump into a situation impulsively, now would be the time to exercise caution. Looking at the surrounding cards that influence the meaning of this Knight I would say that now is not the time to act without thinking. On the one side, we have the Tower which represents an event which changes the nature of everything. This is not the slow change of transition that we would find in the Death card, this happens fast, like having the rug pulled out from under your feet or being hit by sudden flash of insight like lightening.

On the other side of our Knight, is the Fool. The Fool often stands for new beginnings, starting fresh. He can of course also represent foolish behavior. Right beside the Knight of Wands who is the creative and charming king of foolish behavior, and combine this with the Devil card and the Temperance card in the middle row the message is pretty obvious. Impulsive and fool hardy behavior might be something that you have dealt with probably your whole lifetime. Some might say it’s one of your “demons”. Foolish  actions have gotten you into this mess. We see this in the Tower, and we also see this in that Eight of Swords on the bottom. The Eight of Swords is entrapment, but it also frequently is a trap of your own making. Being that we have the impulsive Knight of Wands and the Fool I highly suspect this is the case.

The lesson to be learned here of course is Temperance. This is certainly a challenge for you isn’t it? It’s not something the Knight of Wands is generally good at. Just look at that middle row. We have the Knight of recklessness in the middle with a Devil on one shoulder and an Angel on the other! If you want to avoid the entanglements of the Eight of Swords, its time to start listening to that angel!




3 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for June 10, 2014

  1. The Eight of Swords was my card of the day yesterday, and the Knight of Wands the day before. Today I can only be The Fool.

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