Daily Tarot for June 6, 2014

Greetings all! I’m back!




The last few days we’ve seen the Empress in the middle of things. Today we have the Queen of Rods. This normally energetic, charismatic and busy woman is taking some time to herself away from the world to simply ruminate and contemplate over things. This is what we see in the Four of Cups on the left. On the right we have the Five of Coins which is an indication of falling on hard times whether these be financially, emotionally, or in the area of health or socially feeling like you are standing alone.

The middle row is about contentment and fulfillment in a happy home. Throwing another card over these for clarification it is the Hermit.


HermitlegAlong with that Four of Cups this is telling me that this normally active, creative and energetic person needs to just stay home and snuggle in and think things over for a while. While things feel bad right now (Five of Cups) you can still find joy and comfort in your home and family. While the Five of Coins is about feeling the lack of something, the Nine of Cups is about fulfillment. Sometimes that Five reminds us to look at the blessings we do have and right beside that Nine of Cups that sounds like good advice right now. Throwing another card down over the Five of Cups Is the Page of Swords.



Pages, like Aces embody the element of the suit. The Page of Swords tells you to BE truthful, BE honest, FACE facts, act ethically and do what you know is right.

This is reinforced by the King of Swords on the bottom. This King represents and truth. Where Queens represent inward feelings of a suit, Kings represent action and behavior of a suit. This King behaves in an ethical way. The Page tells you to BE honest, truthful and ethical, the King tells you to ACT honest, truthful and ethically.

I hope this helps.







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