Daily Tarot for June 3, 2013

Good Morning everyone!


Wow! Looks like some big new project is getting under way today! Something that’s going to make you some money!




In the top row we have two Aces with the Six of Coins in the middle. Aces in their very basic meaning stand for something new. The Ace of Wands is a huge creative surge. A new project to work on. The Ace of Swords is about New Ideas, and clarity of thought, or learning something new. Yesterday we had the Six of Coins and the Ace of Swords as well, and we saw that it was about truth and justice. This has a different feeling than yesterday when combine these two cards with the Ace of Wands as well as the Six of Wands and the Two of Wands in the middle row. This is about success, esteem, and victory with this new adventure that leads to a whole new feeling of personal power.

What we need to work on is that Five of Swords on the bottom. While there is victory and success, it doesn’t come without a price. (Again that’s also he nature of the Six of Coins… is there giving or taking?) The five of swords is success but at a cost. Who is losing out in this deal?





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