Daily Tarot for May 29, 2014


Greetings everyone. Sorry the Daily Tarot has become somewhat sporadic the last while. Things have been busy with the end of the school year approaching and the transitions that take place at this time of year.




Our reading today is about learning lessons, letting go, and the decision to “go it alone”. In the top row we have the Seven of Cups, the Empress, and the Five of Wands. I’m going to focus first on the Empress, traditionally the Empress represents abundance, sensuality, and earthiness. She is the Mother Goddess and represents the Mother principle in the Tarot. Sometimes when she shows up in a reading she can quite literally represent the querent’s mother or a mother figure. What is interesting here, is that she is located between the Seven of Cups and the Five of Wands.  The Seven of Cups can symbolize a couple of things. It can symbolize choices, and being faced with too many of them so that we are confused and overwhelmed. It can symbolize fantasy and wishful thinking, sometimes to the point of not looking at reality and perhaps being caught up in addictive patterns of behavior.  On the other side of the Empress is the Five of Wands. We’ve had this Five a few times in the last while. It represents conflict, arguments, debates and it too represents confusion. Because we have two cards symbolizing “confusion” on both sides of the Empress, I just get the feeling this time the Empress represents a person who embodies the qualities of the Empress. Someone who is loving, nurturing, and wants to take care of others and help but she is confused as to what to do and perhaps conflicted about whether she should intervene or what role she should play. This Five of Wands may also represents arguments and struggles she is having not only within herself but with someone else.

The strong earthy sensuality of the Empress combined with the “over indulgence” of the Seven of Cups and the Seven’s tendency towards addictive behavior brings to mind repetitive cycles of behavior, and beside the Five of Wands there is this struggle to break the cycle. The “wishful thinking” aspect of the Seven of Cups hints at how you keep getting sucked into this cycle. Drawing another card for clarification and placing it on top of this row, it is the Strength card. You will need to find the inner strength to break this cycle.


In the second row we see the Hanging Man and the Seven of Swords. The Hanging Man is much like the fool, in fact he is the Fool of the second half of the wheel of the Major Arcana. He has learned some lessons and he wants to move on to a new path but he must make sacrifices to do so. In order to have a new beginning you must leave some things behind. What I find interesting in this version of the Hanging Man, is the depiction of what appears to be a mirror and an hour glass underneath him. The hour glass is at its half way point. The mirror of course is about self-reflection, and the hour glass half full begs the question, “Who are you really, and how do you want to spend the time that is left to you?” The Hanging Man always asks you “what are you willing to sacrifice to move forward?”

The card beside the Hanging Man is the Seven of Swords and underneath them both we have the Hermit. The Seven of Swords is another one of those cards that has multiple meanings and you need to really examine the surrounding cards.  This seven can represent dishonorable conduct. Shirking responsibility, letting others take the blame, lying, stealing, and covering one’s tracks… this sort of thing. There is a selfishness about this cycle of behavior. You’d better take a look at how it’s affecting those around you. (Often the Seven of Swords depicts a man taking all the swords away from others and keeping them for himself. Sometimes the others he is taking them from are children…) From a broader perspective it can also mean being the “lone wolf” and preferring solitude. This is reinforced by the Hermit in the bottom row. All in all, in order to break this cycle that we talked about in the top row, you feel you need to go your own way.


Throwing another card over these for more clarification we have the Four of Wands which often represents the joy that is experienced once you break free of bonds that hold you. The Hermit not only represents being alone, but also represents taking time for introspection. Think about all you have learned from this and take the time to examine these lessons (the mirror in the Hanging Man) and integrate them into your life. This is the wisdom of the Hermit.


I hope this helps!




2 thoughts on “Daily Tarot for May 29, 2014

  1. Traveling in Singapore with my new Legacy of the Divine app, my personal card of the day has been Knight of Cups 2 days in a row. Very powerful stuff. Fits well with your major arcana rich reading.

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